Why give

How you can help us create an exceptional undergraduate educational experience

Your gift can establish a chain of philanthropy that extends far beyond your expectations.

Although Mount Royal has created a strong platform for student success, more can be done to increase the level of opportunities Mount Royal currently offers — we want to continually encourage aspiring students to pursue an education with us and experience the variety of resources on campus.

Support for Mount Royal would provide us with the means to reimagine our goals for higher education for the current and future generations of learners. International Education scholarships, program support, innovative facilities and centres, scholarships and bursaries for students, all create new paths for education and learning — they open up new and exciting avenues that increase access and opportunity.

Supporters of Mount Royal recognize the fundamental influence of education on young lives — the recipients appreciate the opportunities and use them to their utmost potential. Education is a valuable asset; it is the corner stone of knowledge, alive with discovery, investigation and vibrant enthusiasm, a component of a diversified community of leaders.

We require exemplary people to help propel our students to become leaders, problem-solvers, innovators, mentors and change makers who utilize their education, skills and assets as Mount Royal students.

Why give?

  • Change student lives for the better
  • Enhance the learning environment for Mount Royal students like increasing the number of institutes and centres of learning on campus
  • Strengthen the University's ability to provide outstanding educational opportunities for students through field schools, co-op programs and research
  • Lead by example. Your support inspires others to return the favour by becoming a donor — more importantly, you inspire student recipient to reach for their dreams.