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Top 10 reasons to attend Mount Royal

1. You won’t be just a number

You will not be a number at Mount Royal. We recognize that you are an individual. Yes, there is an irony to state this in a numbered list, but our students tell us our individualized attention is the No. 1 reason they love Mount Royal. Professors will know you by name and if you need help, their doors are open. The personal attitude doesn’t end in the classroom. You will also experience it while you’re walking down the halls, working out at our Recreation Centre or registering for class.

2. Commitment to teaching excellence

Of course, all schools consider teaching a priority. But at Mount Royal we go the extra mile to ensure we walk the walk. Mount Royal is home to the first faculty in Canada dedicated to teaching excellence, The Faculty of Teaching and Learning. And because we are an undergraduate institution, your classes won’t be taught by a grad student — you will learn from professors with extensive experience in their field and classroom.

3. Small class sizes

Our small class sizes reinforce the No. 1 reason to attend Mount Royal — you won’t be just a number. But it is far more. A small class population helps build the family atmosphere that so many students have told us is their favourite thing about Mount Royal. It also means you have more time in labs, it is easier to join in the academic discussion and your voice is heard.

4. Jobs, jobs, jobs

Mount Royal graduates are highly sought after. More than 86% of Mount Royal students find related work within six months of graduating — many programs have a 100% placement rate. Some students even find themselves having to choose between multiple job offers before they graduate. If you are looking for summer work or work placement, Career Services will help.

5. Program selection and strength

Mount Royal offers a variety of high-quality programs. You can choose to earn a bachelor degree, an applied degree, a diploma, a certificate, a university transfer program, a continuing education class or music program. You can study everything from arts and aviation to zoology.

6. Athletics & Recreation

Both athletes and sports fans will discover Mount Royal is the place to be. Our Cougar Athletics teams are the most successful in the history of the Canadian Colleges Athletic Association (CCAA). For those who want to keep fit but do not want to participate in organized sports, all credit students get a free membership to the Recreation Centre, which includes: a 14,000 sq. ft. fitness centre, squash, tennis, basketball, volleyball and beach volleyball courts, indoor running track, 40-ft. climbing wall, saltwater pool, steam rooms and hot tubs.

7. A great campus

Mount Royal certainly has an attractive campus. Set against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, Mount Royal’s bold architecture is complemented by 50-plus acres of green space complete with a 1.5 acre pond. But looks aren’t everything. The campus is also a modern facility which offers a wide variety of services — food courts, a student lounge, first-rate fitness facility, sunny study areas, wireless Internet, bank machines, coffee shops, the BookStore and Ticketmaster outlet, to name a few.

8. The Conservatory

Great music, great theatre and great classes. The Mount Royal Conservatory has a fantastic reputation for nurturing artistic potential. And everyone is included — programs range from Music with your Baby (up to 48 months old) to Music Composition; speech courses to sword play for the stage. There are also lots of opportunities to appreciate the strong work coming out of the Conservatory.

9. Location, location, location

Calgary is a great and vibrant city. With a population of more than one million, Calgary has all the amenities you’d expect from a major city, but it has also maintained its friendly small town attitude. Being situated in the Alberta foothills, means there is a wide variety of things to do just outside of town. If you head west you can hike, bike, fish, ski or simply relax in the mountains. Go east and explore the moon-like landscape that the dinosaurs called home. Head south and visit Waterton, the home of the first international peace park. To the north is Alberta’s capital and one of the world’s largest malls.

10. Environmental leadership

Yes, Mount Royal’s school colour is blue, but our attitude is green. We have numerous environmental initiatives in place — our C-Choices commuting options program won the City of Calgary’s 2007 Blue Skies award. Our newest building, the Roderick Mah Centre for Continuous Learning, has earned the prestigious gold certification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).