Learning Communities

Making connections through General Education

Joining a General Education Learning Community (GELC) will help you meet other first-year students, engage with professors and focus your General Education requirements to best complement your interests and major and minor pathways.

Over a term you will work with two professors and 35 other students to examine a set of related ideas. Being part of a focused cohort of like-minded students and engaging in undergraduate research will not only enhance your first year experience, but will help you to develop transferable intellectual and social capacities that make for well-rounded graduates.

Complementing your Major

By bringing together rich content and intellectual capacities GELCs help you to find relevant connections to your interests and future choices.

Not sure what to major in or if a minor is right for you?

Through choosing a GELC theme you can explore the many options available at Mount Royal.
You’ll broaden your understanding of subjects that may complement your major or minor pathway by providing guidance in connecting your interests by creating a broader world perspective.

Fall 2017 Theme:

The Science and Ethics of Clones, Drones & Robots (GNED 1103 & GNED 1203)

Winter 2018 theme:

The Science and Ethics of Clones, Drones & Robots (GNED 1103 & GNED 1203)


Learning Community ThemeClusters and Courses Fall 2016Description
The Science and Ethics of Clones, Drones & RobotsGNED1103 - Innovation
GNED 1203 – Cultural Perspectives on Science

GNED 1103 & GNED 1203

Drones, Clones & Robots is a Learning Community that consists of two foundation GNED courses: GNED 1103: Innovation (3 Credits) and GNED 1203 : Cultural Perspectives on Science (3 Credits).  Students will explore a wide variety of issues related to the development of clones, drones and robotics, including the scientific principles and technological innovations behind their development; how they work and are employed in our culture, society, economy, and world politics; how their use advances scientific knowledge; and the ethical problems and considerations they raise.  The two instructors for this Learning Community will introduce and integrate science and the humanities, various methodologies and ways of knowing, and core concepts related to science and technology in our society today.


Select a GELC that interests you through the registration link on MyMRU or visit mtroyal.ca/advising.