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Long Night Against Procrastination

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Experience an evening of supporting yourself academically, spiritually, emotionally, physically and socially. Drop-in to a variety of activities designed to help you thrive in the last weeks of the semester. No registration required — just show up!
Enter to win a thrive-al (not survival!) gift package. #LNAP

Riddell Library and Learning Centre
March 15, 2018 | 4 – 10 p.m.

Free coffee, tea and snacks

LNAP Schedule

Not sure where to begin? Start with our welcome booth at the front entrance by the Library's Service Desk. Here we can provide you with information on activities, locations and timing. Below is a full schedule of activities.

Academic Support

Build your study plan to set yourself up for success on finals. Studying and test-taking questions will be answered, too!
Location: EL 1451A

Presented by Student Learning Services

Learn about the tools, technology and equipment available to you in our Maker Studio to support you in your innovative and creative coursework or your own making. See how 3D print, modelling, robotics and sewing can bring your ideas and assignments to life!
Location: Maker Studio (EL 1355)

Presented by the Library

Beyond the friendly staff on the Service Desk, we've got a team of our subject librarians lined-up to meet for one-to-one research consultations. Come with your assignment and get a head start with some expert tips, talk through a paper topic you are pondering or ask us research-related questions — we're here for you!
Location: EL 1310 (1L) and EL 1132

Presented by the Library

Drop-in for an hour of subject-specific study time. Learning Peers — current students know these subjects like the back of their hand — will be available to help with questions. *max 30 seats
EL 2400

4 – 5 p.m. Psychology

5 – 6 p.m. Accounting

6 – 7 p.m. Math

7 – 8 p.m. Anatomy/Physiology

8 – 9 p.m. Chemistry

Presented by Student Learning Services 

Drop into START during our extended hours to get software support with creating research posters, formatting in Word, organizing files and more! A healthy treat will also be available in the lab for those who visit.
EL 2230

Presented by START Lab

Get help with your paper whatever stage you’re at: analyzing the assignment, creating the outline, or editing. Referencing questions (APA, MLA, CP and Chicago) will be answered, too!”
Location: EL 1451A

Presented by Student Learning Services

   Spiritual Support

Engage in an interactive balancing exercise that will show the importance on needing to balance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs in your daily life. This can be applied to every aspect of your life including academic, career and personal. A wellness wheel will be constructed using a plate and piece of wood to support it. You will be given weights to put in to each section of the wheel and see if you can balance the wheel by not meeting one of your needs or see what happens when too much weight (time/energy) is applied to one section. While you are attempting to balance the wheel, you will be provided with a brief understanding of spirituality and how all components of the wellness wheel contribute to your overall spiritual well-being. A pamphlet will be provided to you on the wellness wheel from an Indigenous perspective so they can further learn and understand ways of balance.
Location: EL 1245

Presented by Iniskim Centre
Enjoy the meditative practice of walking the Labyrinth as a way of centering and relaxing.
Location: EL 1451A

Presented by Campus Equity and Meaningful Inclusion, and Residence Services

   Emotional Support

Looking for a nice, quiet space to sit and take a break? Unwind with YouTube music videos and images to restore your inner peace. Or pick-up a colouring implement and trace your way to Zen with mandalyths. Also available is our Wellness Jar (“Take one, Leave one” — you can draw from the jar a piece of paper on which there is a self-care recommendation. In turn, you can leave a suggestion for personal wellness for a peer).
Location: Ideas Visualization Lounge (EL 1270)

Presented by Residence Services and Wellness
Share your words of wisdom on sticky notes to fellow students around their wellness for the rest of the semester — offering words of support, suggestions of things to do, etc.
Location: Black pillars edging the Atrium (seating space located next to the Ideas Visualization Lounge (EL 1270))

Presented by Residence Services and Wellness
Questions pertaining to wellness will be placed on the side of Jenga pieces. You will take a piece of Jenga to build the tower. When a piece is selected, you will be invited to answer a question (taped to the side of the Jenga piece) related to wellness, resources, strengths, etc.
Location: Ideas Visualization Lounge (EL 1270)

Presented by Residence Services and Wellness

   Physical Support


Rest. Relax. Restore. Three Mount Royal student massage therapists with be onsite with massage chairs. Massage times and breaks will be available on location for sign-up.
Location: Atrium (seating space located next to the Ideas Visualization Lounge (EL 1270))

Presented by MRU Massage Therapy Students
Relax and re-energize your mind and body with this short and sweet 45-minute special blend of mindfulness, stretching and flow. All levels are welcome! Bring a yoga mat or a large towel.
Location: Ideas Visualization Lounge (EL 1270)

Presented by Recreation
Workshops: 30 – 45 minutes each
Learn about mindfulness and relaxation techniques that reduce stress and promote sleep. We will lead a meditation to help reduce stress and increase feelings of happiness — which are both helpful in decreasing procrastination. We will also provide resources to use at home to promote healthy sleep and reduce stress.
Location: EL 1441 (Visualization Classroom)

Presented by Student Sleep and Stress Capstone Project
Workshops: 45 – 60 minutes each
Learn about the importance of sleep to help bring awareness to your sleep habits and provide you with the resources to facilitate change.
Location: EL 1470A

Presented by Student Sleep and Stress Capstone Project
Have questions about sleep, stress and procrastination? We have the answers for how and why to change your sleep habits.
Location: Consultation Point A (located next to the Library's Service Desks)

Presented by Student Sleep and Stress Capstone Project

     Social Support


Participate in positive thinking and visualization with Positivity Jenga (Jenga with positive messages on each block), journaling, doodling and other activities.
Location: EL 1136 (1B)

Presented by Behavioural Sciences Undergraduate Journal Club
Stop by for a nice, warm cup of tea and stay for a chat and colour session.
Location: EL 1253 (1H)

Presented by Catholic Christian Outreach Club
    Please note: Drop-ins are subject to change as we continue to plan the schedule of activities.

Call or Email:

Katharine Barrette at the Library, 403.440.6126;
Aileen Smyth at MRU's Student Learning Services, 403.440.6341;