Diversity & Human Rights


respectful. inclusive. responsive.

Diversity & Human Rights Services believes diversity strengthens us all. We support Mount Royal’s vision and mission by fostering a safe, respectful and meaningfully inclusive campus for every member of the Mount Royal community. Being meaningfully inclusive means we identify and address barriers to full participation in the learning and working environment.

Mount Royal promotes a trustful, inclusive environment of respect and dignity, and free from harassment for all students, and employees of the campus community. Diversity and Human Rights Services operates in accordance with the Alberta Human Rights Act.

  • Listening to concerns while maintaining strict confidentiality
  • Exploring informal methods of resolution
  • If necessary, explaining the process for a formal complaint
  • Deliver educational programming, workshops, training and presentations
  • Promote a respectful campus community


MRU's Respectful Campus

Our Vision towards a respectful campus community

This Code of Conduct applies to all members of the campus community — including all students, employees, volunteers, visitors, contractors, etc.  The intent of this Code is that the behaviour of all members of the campus community will reflect:

  • RESPECT for the DIGNITY of all persons
  • FAIR and EQUITABLE treatment of all persons
  • Personal and professional INTEGRITY
  • RESPECT for academic freedom
  • RESPECT for personal and University property

Adherence to this Code is supported by the following Mount Royal policies:

Diversity and Human Rights Policy (1702)
Offensive/Discriminatory Materials Policy (1703)
Academic Accommodation for Students Experiencing Disabilities (0517)
Academic Freedom (0580)
Research (0585)
Student Code of Conduct