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Fast Facts: Portal Upgrade


When is the upgrade happening?

The portal upgrade will occur on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 at noon. We anticipate a 30-minute outage while we apply the upgrade.


Where is the upgrade being applied?

This upgrade only applies to the portal. Other web services, such as Banner and Blackboard, will not be affected.


Whom does the upgrade affect?

This upgrade affects all users of the portal. This includes staff, students, and faculty.


What is changing?

  • Software: We are upgrading the software that powers the portal to the latest version.
  • Personal computer layout: The layout will remain the same with the full top horizontal navigation bar on PC monitors.
  • Smartphone and tablet layout: There will be a new menu icon on smartphone and tablet devices. You simply touch the icon to expand the menu and see all the same portal page options on our current portal.
  • Colours: There will be a new colour scheme on the top navigation bar as well as the information box headline background.
  • Link and/or info box locations: In order to accommodate the new vertically stacked layout of the information boxes on smartphone and tablet devices, some high-traffic links or entire info boxes may be relocated so they appear higher on the page for mobile device users. See the Information layout changes section below for details.


Why is this happening?

This upgrade to our portal is required not only to stay current with the latest version of our portal software, but also to provide a better user experience on smartphones and tablet devices.

The current version of our portal is not "responsive"; that is, the information in the portal does not re-size itself to accommodate the smaller viewing area on smartphones and tablets.

Here's a picture of what our current portal looks like on a smart phone:

As you can see in the above image, the text is too small to read, so you have to zoom in, as shown in this image below:

From this point you have to use your finger on the touchscreen to move the viewing area to the link you want to use. This can cause unwanted links to get activated causing unwanted jumps to pages you had not intended to visit.

After the portal software is upgraded, smartphone and tablet users will see a new responsive layout. Here's what it will look like on smartphones when you first login:

To see the menu list of pages, you simply click the collapsed menu icon. This will expand the portal pages menu as shown here:

Once you have selected the page you need, mobile device users simply have to scroll up and down the page to view all the info boxes and links on that page without the need to scroll side-to-side. Of course, this won't apply to users viewing the portal on their PC computer monitors as the layout will still look like it does on the current portal with three side-by-side columns of information boxes.


How can I report problems?

We have made every effort to make this upgrade as seamless as possible. However, if you encounter problems with the upgrade, contact our Help Desk at 403-440-6000. Our support staff will be standing by ready to answer your questions.


Information layout changes

These are the notable changes / differences between the current portal layout and the new layout that will be launched March 22nd, 2017.

  • Employee page navigation menu:
    • In the current portal, the main employee's page is accessed by simply clicking the Employee menu item. In the new portal, clicking the Employee menu item reveals a drop-down menu with two choices: Resources & Timesheets and Training. The Resources & Timesheets page is identical to the Employee page on the current portal.
  • Employee page Timesheets link:
    • The Timesheets link will now appear at the top of the list of links in the Pay Information box. This link will still exist in the Time Reporting & Approvals box until June 01, 2017 when the Time Reporting & Approvals box will be removed. This is being done to eliminate the need to scroll down the page on mobile devices.