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Have a dripping tap? Burned-out light bulb? Clogged drain? Window or door that isn’t closing properly?

The residence maintenance staff is here to help and will look after any maintenance issues that may occur throughout the year. You are not permitted to make repairs to your rooms or common areas.


Emergency Maintenance Repairs

Office Hours

  • Residence Front Desk: 403.440.6275

After Hours

  • Resident Advisor
    • East: 403.542.7258
    • West A/B: 403.542.8215
    • West C/D/TH: 403.542.4738
  • Campus Security: 403.440.6897

Laundry Equipment Repairs (Coinamatic)

Call Coinamatic at 1.800.561.1972 or via e-mail at

Regular Maintenance Requests

How To Submit a Maintenance Request

At the Residence portal use the same Screen Name and PIN used when applying for Residence.

  • If you have forgotten your Screen Name please contact Residence Services via e-mail at
  • To recover your PIN use the forgot Pin? option. Please ensure that Residence Services has your current e-mail address.



At the top of the screen you will see a link for "Maintenance". You will then see the following screen.


You will have two options, Job List or Shared.

  • Job List will create Maintenance requests specific to your room.
  • Shared will create requests for the Common areas of your Unit.

Select the appropriate option and then click on New Job to begin a new Maintenance Request.


Choose the appropriate Category/Item from the dropdown list. Enter the specific description of the repair required and then click Save and Continue.

NOTE: If you are entering a Maintenance request for areas outside your unit select Shared and enter in the request under your common area. Please specify that this request is for outside your unit.

As per the Residence Handbook, by submitting this request you are authorizing staff to enter your room to complete the necessary repairs.

Making maintenance more efficient

  • If there are several problems, please submit separate requests.
  • Inform your roommates that a request has been entered and to expect a maintenance person to come by.
  • Maintenance staff are on the job from 9 a.m. through 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • When you submit a maintenance request, you are granting permission for maintenance staff to enter your unit and/or bedroom between the aforementioned work hours even if you or your roommates are not there to let them in.

It may take between one and three days to respond to your repair, depending on the urgency of the request and the volume of requests received. (Emergency repairs and urgent issues, such as light bulbs, are given higher priority than slow drains.)