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MRU Colour-U-Blue – 4th Annual


525 participants. 85 volunteers. 500+ litres of wet paint. 2000+ blue bombs.

MRU showed its school spirit at the 4th Annual MRU Colour-U-Blue. Thanks for making this year's event bigger, better and bluer than ever.

Check out our Facebook page for photos of this year's Colour-U-Blue.


Kick off your school year by getting MRU blue! Grab your friends and go blue crazy in Calgary’s original colour run where the only thing that matters is having fun (NOT speed!). Choose to do it on your own or as part of a team (team members: register separately and give your team name at the event).

Walk, run or wheelchair 4.5 km

Prerequisite(s): 12+ years, can walk 4.5 km (it’s about fun, NOT speed)

Early bird fees end Fri, Sept. 18:  $19 MRU Student │ $24 Member │ $34 Non-member
Event day, if not sold out:  $29 MRU Student │ $34 Member │ $44 Non-member

What you get:
• white event t-shirt (you'll receive it at the event)
• sunglasses
• food truck lunch
• liquid and powder washable, non-toxic paint
• your own blue paint bombs for finish line blue explosion
• live DJ and music at all paint stations
• t-shirt decoration station
• water at turn-around point and finish line
• clean-up station and use of Rec Centre showers

10:30 am --- Check-in OPENS – Participant Check-in Tent is by MRU pond
                      *New*  Sunglasses for everyone!
11:40 am --- Participants move to start line – you MUST wear the event t-shirt
11:45 am --- Check-in CLOSES; t-shirt Decoration Station CLOSES
12:00 pm --- Starter’s pistol says “Go!"
1:00 pm --- Finish line blue explosion – you get your own blue paint bombs
                     *New*  Paint cannon attack team at finish line
1:15 pm --- Prizes awarded
1:30 pm --- *New*  #cougnation kickoff party: food truck lunch on us, beer garden (bring government photo ID & cash), watch the MRU Cougars soccer game (free)

Your “To Bring” Checklist:
__ Government photo ID & cash for beer garden (lunch is on us)
__ Extra clothes (including clean shoes) + bag for your dirty clothes
__ Zip-lock bag to keep your phone paint-free
__ Towels (for showering & for covering your car seat)
__ Bandana, scarf or hat (to protect your hair)
__ Sunscreen, lip balm

Where’s my event t-shirt?
• You’ll get it when you arrive at Participant Check-in (by MRU pond). You MUST wear it.
• Wear it on top of what you’re already wearing OR change in the washrooms nearby.
• If you’re wearing a costume, make sure the entire t-shirt logo is visible.
• If you’d like to pick up your event shirt in advance, email

• A professional photographer will document the fun – find yourself in the photos on MRU Recreation’s Facebook page.
• Before taking your own photos, we recommend wrapping your phone/camera in plastic wrap or a zip-lock bag.
• The best time for you to take your own photos is AFTER all the paint has been thrown.
• Hashtag your photos with #colourUblue and #MRU

“Blue Blast Zones”:
• You’ll pass through SIX “Blue Blast Zones” along the route before crossing the finish line.
• You choose how much paint: the further you are from our Blue Crew volunteers, the less paint you’ll get on you.
• Just before you cross the finish line, you’ll receive THREE of your own blue paint bombs (for the “blue explosion”).
• After you cross the finish line, make sure to WAIT for the “blue explosion” >>> there will be a countdown.

What’s in the paint?
• We’re using wet and dry paint (both washable and non-toxic): washable finger paint and powdered paint made from cornstarch and food colouring.

4.5 km Route:
• Walk, run or wheelchair – take your time and have fun.
• The route is an “out-and-back” route – easy smeazy. Watch for the “turn-around” sign so you know when to know when to turn around.
• You can turn around at any point if you need or want to.
• Because this event is all about fun, we’re not timing you – but feel free to time yourself.
• You’ll be walking/running on the street – the City of Calgary will close the curb lane for you.



There are a lot of spots on campus to park, here is information to make it easier for you. For more information on parking lot locations and fees, click here.

• All of MRU’s parking lots will be open as usual. Regular parking rates are in effect.
• Your best options are parking lots 1, A and B – they are nearest to the start/finish line at the MRU pond.

Sunglasses for everyone!

AND there’s an after-party co-hosted by MRU Recreation and MRU Cougar Athletics:

food truck lunch is on us
• #cougnation kickoff party with beer garden >>> bring government photo ID and cash
• watch the double-header MRU Cougars soccer games (FREE)

Yes, you can be blue in the beer garden!

How Teams Work:

• Each team member registers separately.
• We’ll collect your team name when you check in at the event.
• IMPORTANT: For this to work, ALL your team members need to know what your team name is.
• We’ll announce the winning teams and give out the prizes at the end of the event.
• NOTE: Your team can only compete in 1 team category (see team categories below).

Team Prizes (gift card for each team member):
Each team member registers separately. Give us your team name at the event.
• team with the wildest costumes (shirt logo must be fully visible)
• MRU residence community with the most participants
• MRU program/faculty with the most participants
• SAMRU group or club with the most participants
• Cougar Athletics team with the most participants
• “other” team with the most participants

Individual Prizes ($100 gift card for each winner):
• 3 best costumes (event shirt logo must be fully visible).
• If you’d like to pick up your event shirt in advance, email

Here are a few tips to help make you just as happy when you get home as you were during the event:

• The official event t-shirt is your “proof of registration” – you MUST wear it.
• If bringing your phone, put it in a zip-lock bag - our photos will be posted on the MRU Recreation Facebook page after the event.
• Leave your valuables at home or lock them in your vehicle.

• Sorry, no ear buds or headphones (or anything else that may reduce your hearing) – it’s not safe and besides, you don’t want to ruin them with paint!
• Please leave all pets at home (you can show them the photos later).

What do I WEAR?
• Imagine that you’re going to have a crazy-fun food fight – great, now dress for that.
• In addition to your blank canvas (a white Colour-U-Blue t-shirt), try to wear white and more white!
• The paint may not completely wash out of your shoes and clothes (including your fancy undergarments) – Do NOT wear anything that you are attached to (unless you like the I-was-just-in-a-paint-fight look).
• Do NOT wear jewelry of any kind (watches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc.).

What about my HAIR?
• Oil your hair before the race with coconut oil, olive oil, or leave in conditioner. This will make it easier to wash out the paint later, especially for those with highlighted or light coloured hair.
• Some colour runners/walkers wear a hat, scarf, or bandana to cover their hair.

What about my SKIN?
• Pre-lotion your skin (we suggest sunscreen!) to make it easier to wash the paint off.
• Wear lip balm to make it easier to wash the paint off later (unless you’re going for the blue lipstick look).

What about my EYES and MOUTH?
• Our volunteers will try to aim for your blank canvas (your event t-shirt), but no one has perfect aim and there could be wind and other interfering forces at work (example: your friends)!
• Wear your MRU Colour-U-Blue sunglasses to help keep paint out of your eyes. If you wear contacts, bring your cleaning solution.
• If you do get some paint in your eyes, we’ll have eye wash bottles at all “Blue Blast Zones” and at “Participant Check-in” (at the finish line).
• Some colour runners/walkers will wear a scarf or bandana over their mouths when they run through the “Blue Blast Zones” for additional protection.

Cleaning Up After
STEP 1: Remove the excess paint at the finish line.
• Visit the “Clean-off Station” near the finish line - look for the giant sign.

STEP 2: Hit the showers (free showers will be available inside the Rec Centre).
• Remove excess dry powder from clothes (do this outside!) and your hair BEFORE adding COLD water.
• Your hair: Shake out the dry powder from your hair (outside!). Rinse out the oil/conditioners you cleverly applied before the race with COLD water. You should almost be colour free, now wash your hair as you normally would. Still some colour left? Don’t panic, it’s common for hints of colour to stick around for a few washes. Think of it as free highlights ... or rock a hat!
• Not showering at MRU? To avoid getting paint in your car, bring some towels to place on your car seat.

STEP 3: The sooner you wash your clothes, the more likely the colour will come out.
• Remove all excess dry powder before adding water.
• Wash your coloured stuff separately in COLD water and use a “booster” agent (e.g., Oxi Clean).
• The colour won’t come out of your white event shirt, so wear it with honour! But just about everything else should clean up fine.
• When you look down and see a hint of blue on your shoe, smile and think of the fun time you had. Eventually, it’ll be all gone.

“MRU Blue Crew” Volunteers:
Thank you to everyone who has offered to volunteer with our "MRU Blue Crew". We are no longer looking for volunteers, but stay tuned for future opportunities for other events.


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