Facility Info

Facility Closures & Notices

In addition to maintaining a clean and safe environment, we are proud host many great events!

Closures and notices include required maintenance, unforeseen closures, large facility bookings and more. Check back regularly to see if there are any closures or notices that may affect your visit to Rec. Check out ePlay for open drop-in times!
DateFacilities AffectedTimeReason
April 18 – 28Stanley Gym, MP RoomAll DayExams
April 28Swimming PoolView aquatic schedule herePhotoshoot
April 27 – 30Track (West End), ParkingAll DayCalgary Police Half Marathon
April 29 & 30Stanley Gym, ParkingAll DayAlberta Volleyball Association
May 5Women's Change Room8:00 am – 4:00 pmMaintenance
May 5 & 6Triple Gym, Stanley Gym, ParkingAll DayGymnaestraeda
May 19 – 21Triple GymAll DayMRU Cougars Men's Basketball Tournament
May 26 – 27Various FacilitiesView open times hereFit Rendezvous
May 29 – June 3Triple Gym, Stanley Gym, MP Room, ParkingAll DayMRU Convocation
June 12 & 13Triple Gym, Stanley Gym, Parking All DayFrancophone Games
June 17 – 23Climbing CentreAll DayLighting Replacement
June 19Triple Gym, Stanley GymAll DayBishop Carroll Graduation
June 24Various Facilities, ParkingView open times hereMotionball
June 26 – July 23Triple GymAll DayWe're getting new floors!
July 4 – August 25Various Facilities.View open times hereMRU Kids Camps
August 28 - September 1Climbing CentreAll DayFall Reset
September 15 – 17Triple GymAll DayCalgary Corporate Challenge