Facility Info & Accessibility

Facility Closures & Notices

In addition to maintaining a clean and safe environment, we are proud host many great events!

Check back regularly to see if there are any closures or notices that may affect your visit to Rec.
Date Facilities Affected Time Reason
December 7 – January 7 Aquatic Centre All Day Bi-annual maintenance shut-down
December 12 – 23 Stanley Gym & MP Room All Day MRU Exams
December 14 Women's Change Room 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Semesterly maintenance – the varsity change rooms will be open for changing/showering.
December 14 Steam Rooms (men's and women's) All Day Closed to replace the sensors in both areas.
December 18 – January 3 Climbing Centre All Day Closed for maintenance and route setting.

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