Self-identification process

Indigenous student self-identification is voluntary and confidential. This process helps Mount Royal faculties and services effectively reflect upon, report about, and conduct future program planning geared towards indigenous students.

How do I self-identify?

You may have self-identified when you applied for Mount Royal University through Apply Alberta. If you wish to self-identify now, you may do so by contacting Admissions and Recruitment and completing a Declaration of Aboriginal Status form.

Who can self-identify?

Any student of First Nations, Métis , or Inuit ancestry can self-identify. This includes “Status” and “Non-Status” aboriginal peoples. The term "aboriginal" is defined based on the Canadian Constitution Act 1982. Native American students from the United States (U.S.) may also self-identify as aboriginal.

Why self-identify?

By self-identifying, students can:

  • Stand proud and help strengthen indigenous presence at the University
  • Be part of a collective and growing indigenous student population on-campus and help effect positive changes
  • Help Mount Royal University services and faculties gain a greater understanding of indigenous students and be in a better position to enhance curriculum, programs and services
  • Connect with the indigenous community on-campus by being included in effective communications moving forward
  • Access scholarships and bursaries designed for indigenous students
  • Access admission policies that facilitate entrance to faculties and programs

Can I still access services and attend Iniskim Centre events if I choose not to self-identify?

YES! The Iniskim Centre welcomes all indigenous students to take advantage of our services and programs and encourages students to be active within the community on campus, regardless of whether they choose to formally self-identify. If you would like to be added to our newsletter list contact the Centre to be added.

I am indigenous from another country (other than Canada or the United States). Can I self-identify with Admissions and Recruitment so that I can access additional programs and services?

At this time, Mount Royal University supports Canadian indigenous students. However, indigenous peoples around the world (and non-indigenous peoples) are always welcome to visit the Centre during regular office hours, and encouraged to participate in our many inclusive community events. Contact the Iniskim Centre for more information.