Setup Course Reserves

Instructor Guidelines for Reserve Services

Material may be placed on Reserve by instructors for their students. Putting items on course reserve helps to ensure access to high demand items. Heavy use is accommodated through the use of short loan periods. Course reserve material can then be searched in the library catalogue by instructor or course name.

How to Place Items on Reserve

Guidelines for Putting Items on Reserve

  • Reserves are limited to high demand items.
  • Original publications (textbooks, monographs, print journals, etc.) may be placed on Reserve.
  • In the case of book chapters, the full book will be placed on Reserve in lieu of photocopied chapters.
  • Where possible, books not owned by the Library may be purchased for the collection on an expedited basis and placed on Reserve.
  • Journal articles held by the Library in a digital form and resources freely available on the web may not be placed on Reserve. The Library can supply persistent links to these items for use in Blackboard.
  • Photocopied material will normally require permission from the copyright holder before being placed on Reserve. The library can make arrangements do this, where possible.
  • Copies of an instructor’s lecture notes, exams, and sample questions may be placed on Reserve. There is an instructor waiver form that must be filled out and accompany any instructor produced material.
  • Unpublished works must have the written permission of the copyright holder (e.g. student papers, exams, lecture notes, etc.) There is a student waiver form that must be filled out and accompany any student work.

Copyright related questions about Library Reserves should be directed to the Copyright Advisor,

More information on copyright at MRU