Scholarly Communications

Scholarly Communications

Open Access

Open access (OA) is a publishing model that provides an alternative to the traditional scholarly publishing model. There are different ways that open access can manifest, but for an initiative to be considered open access it must be free of price barriers such as paywalls, subscription costs to end users, or other charges/fees to access materials. OA resources must also be free of most kinds of permission barriers, such as copyright and licensing restrictions around (re)distribution of the materials. OA permissions may grant the user the right to copy, use, change, distribute or display the information, as long as the original author is given credit. OA does not change how information is created; rather, it changes how it is distributed. In a nutshell, Open Access attempts to make digital information freely available and easy to share. More information on open access from the MRU Library is available online here.

Mount Royal University Institutional Repository (MRUIR)

The Mount Royal University Institutional Repository is an open access, digital showcase of the scholarship, research, and intellectual contributions of the Mount Royal University community. The MRUIR enables us to preserve, promote, and provide free and unrestricted access to the excellent work done at the University. Please visit the MRUIR directly for more information or if you would like to deposit items to the collection. You can also view this page for more information.

Mount Royal University Journal System (MRUJS)

The Mount Royal University Journal System is a robust journal publishing tool that allows members of the MRU community to create, manage, and publish peer-reviewed academic journals and other types of literature. The MRU Library uses the Open Journals System platform to host open access journals and backfiles. Please visit the MRUJS to see our current journals.