Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Overview of the Riddell Library and Learning Centre

This much needed facility is key to the academic success of Mount Royal University students and to furthering our unparalleled focus on exceptional teaching and learning informed by scholarship. The facility will bring together services, expertise and information in a technology rich environment to inspire learning, exploration and the creation of new ideas! The Riddell Library and Learning Centre provides desperately needed learning and study space for students, to centralize core academic supports, and foster innovation in teaching and learning, and enable both undergraduate and faculty scholarship.

The Riddell Library and Learning Centre has been a capital campaign priority for the University for more than 6 years.  
The Riddell Library and Learning Centre will be a stand-alone, four storey building which will be located across from the Arts building and the Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts and Bella Concert Hall (see parking lot #7).  
The building will be nearly 16,000 square metres in total (about 4x the size of the current Library)  
The building will be nearly 16,000 square metres in total and will include the Library, Student Learning Services, START and the Academic Development Centre, the Institute for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and the Department of Education This innovative and inspirational facility will have student learning and success at the heart of its design.  
The Riddell Library and Learning Centre will more than double the current Library seating (~650 seats currently, to ~1,800 in the new Library) and will increase group study rooms ten-fold (from 3 to ~34). The building is designed to be flexible and provide students with a diversity of learning and study spaces.

The building also includes specialized and adaptable instructional lab spaces, expanded areas for physical collections, including the archives and special collections, as well as creation and exploration spaces such as a makerstudio, two visualization walls and an immersion studio. More power outlets, a wide range of furniture choices and extensive wifi will support student access to growing digital information collections. Print collection space will also double in the new building.  

Yes! There is a café and small seating area near the main entrance of the Riddell Library and Learning Centre. We are currently confirming menu and coffee options.  

About the new Library

The building is much larger with a range of different types of learning and studying spaces for students. The four story building will be “zoned” from active and potentially noisy areas on the main floor with progressively quieter floors as you go up the building. The top floor is designated as silent study areas. There are also two reading rooms dedicated to quiet study.  
The Riddell Library and Learning Centre will more than double the current Library seating from~650 seats currently to ~1,800 in the new building. The furniture chosen for the Library will mean students have lots of choice whether working independently or in groups.  
We anticipate being open in the summer Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. We are currently finalizing the Library hours for the fall and winter terms (check the Library website for the latest). Other services in the Riddell Library and Learning Centre such as Student Learning Services, START, Academic Development Centre, ISoTL, and the Department of Education will all have their own hours of operation within Library (building) hours so please refer to those specific websites.  
Yes. Like the current Library we are open to the public, alumni, local community members and students and faculty from other post-secondary institutions, as well as our primary users, MRU students, faculty and staff. The Library is currently open to public in-person use including borrowing of print materials with a free community borrower card.  
Yes! MRU Library has a print collection of about 250,000 items and an e-book collection of more than 400,000. The Library also provides access to almost 70,000 ejournals and approximately 400 print journals. The new building has approximately double the space for print collections - most of which will be found on the third and fourth floors - and a robust wifi system to access our e-collections.  
MRU’s Library has a collection customized to meet the needs of degree programs. We do not currently have plans to put collections in storage, nor do we anticipate needing a storage facility as we do not have a research library mandate like UofC. In fact, we will be bringing a number of materials currently held in storage, due to limited space in our existing Library, back onto the open shelves.  
Absolutely! We will have 34 group rooms that will seat between 4-8 people. These rooms will be bookable online and will have features like whiteboards and shared monitors for collaboration. We also have two presentation practice rooms that you can book to practice for your in-class presentations.  
Currently the Library enjoys about 90,000 in person visits per month during the academic term and more than 65,000 online sessions per month in order to access electronic resources and other information through our website.  
We are excited to be moving the archives and special collections areas of the Library into the new Riddell Library and Learning Centre.  
We have about 1,500 power outlets in the new Library which should accommodate plugging in two devices per seat. We also have lockers with outlets where you can store and charge valuable electronics at the same time.

With more than 110 wireless hubs the Riddell Library and Learning Centre is well-equipped to handle lots of devices accessing and moving large amounts of data.  

We have a makerstudio in the new Library, conveniently located on the main floor. The makerstudio will include 3D printers and scanners, sewing machines, circuitry kits, laser cutters and more! We are very excited to be offering this wonderful new maker option.

Financial Information

The Riddell Library and Learning Centre is currently “on time” and on budget.  
The Building is funded through a $88.4 M capital investment from the Government of Alberta (spread over three years) and with a generous donation from the Riddell Family Charitable Foundation.  
We are currently in conversation with the Government of Alberta regarding the "lights-on" or facility operations grant funding for the Riddell Library and Learning Centre. These funds cover facility costs such as utilities and custodial. This grant funding is typically provided for the year the facility is first opened, subject to approval in the provincial budget for that period, which in this case is 2017/18. We will not have the outcome of those conversations until the province's budget is tabled and approved.  

The History

We broke ground in August 2014 and plan on opening in the summer of 2017.  
We are anticipating that we will be moving into the new Riddell Library and Learning Centre some time in May or June 2017. We will be open over the summer months and look forward to a Grand Opening Celebration in September 2017 (exact date tbd) to kick-off our exciting new academic year.  
Planning is led at the University-level by the building Steering Committee which works directly with an architectural team from DIALOG.

The building partners (Library, Student Learning Services, Academic Development Centre, Institute for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and the Department of Education) also meet regularly as a Joint Working Group, to discuss and consult and collaborate on key design and planning needs.  

Consultation with students, faculty and staff has taken place throughout the project and is ongoing. We have hosted open invitation sessions, focus groups, hallway and online feedback/input opportunities. Input and comment can also be made via the Library’s website or other social media. We are also reaching out through existing bodies such as faculty council meetings, the Library Standing Committee and the Student Library Advisory Council. We are happy to receive your ideas and comments in any format at any time!  

The Move

A detailed move in plan is currently being developed. Our goal is to have the least disruption to Library services as possible but we also know everyone is keen to have the new Riddell Library and Learning Centre open. We are anticipating that we will move the Library in May/June 2017 and we will keep everyone posted on details and confirmed dates shortly. Access to our extensive electronic collections should not be interrupted and we will make every effort to make sure staff are available throughout the move.  
The vacated Library space, as well as associated office and administrative areas in the main building is being reviewed as part of the Campus Master Planning process. The Campus Master Plan will also consider what to do with vacated Student Learning Services, Academic Development Centre and START spaces, as well as the offices areas of the Institute for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and the Department of Education.  
Until it has been determined what will happen to the areas vacated when the various departments move into the new building, the furniture will remain where it is. Further decision making around this furniture will take place once the spaces have been allocated.  
The Library will be moving in first (May/June 2017) so the building can open for students and other users and we anticipate that all areas will be fully moved in by mid July 2017.  

The Riddell Library and Learning Centre by the numbers

~1,800 Seats for students – more than three times the current space
~1,500 Power outlets for laptops and phone chargers
1 million Feet of communication cable
110 Wireless access hubs
70,000 Approximate number of digital journals
34 Group study rooms accommodating six to eight students each
~100 Computer workstations for students
5 Fully equipped media suites for audio and video creation and editing
16,000 m² Square metres of space in four stories
36 Months from ground breaking in 2014 to opening day in 2017
360° Inspiring views on all sides of the building
$100.4 million Total project cost