Student Resources

Student resources

The building supports and enhances Mount Royal University’s exceptional undergraduate educational experience. With student-focused design at the core of the Riddell Library and Learning Centre, this new facility boasts a diversity of exciting new learning spaces, cutting edge teaching and research technology tools, and a high degree of flexibility and configurability for long term sustainability. Consultation with students and faculty continues to inform planning, whether design, technology tools, or services and supports, and resources and programs.

Specialized spaces

RLLC Main Entrance
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A one-stop location for assistance, the information “desk” will bring together experts from a range of services through the building and across campus. Prominently located on the first floor, the help desk features a highly flexible and accessible design and will be augmented by virtual help tools that students can use whether on the fourth floor or at home.
A range of healthy study options for students are provided throughout the building including personal study pods, standup desks and a treadmill desks for those wanting to keep energized and healthy while on the road to learning.
RLLC Project Rooms
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The Riddell Library and Learning Centre includes approximately 30 group study rooms throughout the first three floors of the building. These spaces will seat between 6–8 students and offer a variety of furniture and technology options to support students in all types of group work. An online booking system will increase access and ensure the utmost of student convenience.

These specialized rooms replicate the classroom experience and allow students the space and tools to prepare and practice presentations for class assignments, conferences, job requirements, or other opportunities. These medium-sized team rooms feature Mount Royal classroom technologies and enable optional presentation recording equipment so students can easily record and critique their own presenter performance.

A bright and busy learning computer commons on the first floor offers more than 100 computer stations where students can meet, work, study, research, write and create with expert help close at hand (first floor). Dedicated work stations are augmented by a supply of mobile device loaners that can be used throughout the Riddell Library and Learning Centre, or across campus. Ample power outlets and full coverage wireless access to collections, resources and services.

The START Lab is on the second floor. This destination is for students seeking dedicated, one-on-one assistance with technology challenges and learning goals. The START Lab will be equipped with sophisticated media production and editing facilities that can be booked by students. The Student Technology and Resource Tutors (START) Program is operated by the Academic Development Centre (ADC) and employs Mount Royal students on a part-time basis to provide drop-in technical training and support to other students.

RLLC Maker SpaceThe above rendering is for illustration purposes only and is subject to change.

This creative collaboration exploration space enables students, faculty and community users to explore and expand ideas and concepts in a three-dimensional, hands-on way. Working with tools and equipment for tactile learning, the Makerspace provides students with tools for designing objects and physical creations in support of their research and coursework. Makerspace equipment will include 3-D scanners and printers, industrial sewing machines, design software, and circuitry kits and robotics kits.

RLLC Reading RoomsThe above rendering is for illustration purposes only and is subject to change.

Two classic reading rooms provide contemplative, inspirational and serene spaces for independent study, deep thought and concentration. These spaces, located on the second and third floors of the building, provide students with expansive views, ample seating and space to spread out and study in comfort and quiet. One additional quiet study room on the first floor rounds out the student study options regardless of time of day or what floors are open for use.

Fully equipped soundproofed project rooms (five) allow students to record, edit, and manipulate sound and video to create podcasts, music, sound effects, videos, and media rich presentations.

The two audio editing suites can function independently or jointly as a soundbooth and control room. Keyboards, folley tools, sound mixing and recording equipment, and musical instruments can be found in these rooms. Green screen and lighting along with camera recording equipment, complements two fully equipped editing suites. All five digital media project rooms can be found on the second floor.

RLLC Fireplace Lounge
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This soft seating area is prominently placed on the third floor and is a destination of choice for readers, writers and those seeking a cozy and comfortable place to gather — a desirable spot to sit quietly while still being visible and part of the learning community experience.

Student Learning Services has a new, improved and expanded home on the second floor of the Riddell Library and Learning Centre. These spaces are easy to access and encourage individual and group learning in a supportive, comfortable and motivating setting. Student Learning Services creates integral learning experiences to develop self-directed learners.

Student Learning Services offers many programs and services to support student success. Connect with experienced professionals in your field through the Harry G. Schaefer Mentorship program, or work closely with your peers in the Mentors: Academic and Personal Success (MAPS) program to help with your transition into university. Super-charge your study time with the Peer Tutor Program. Tutors offer friendly support, encouragement and subject-specific knowledge. Or take your studying, reading, writing, and referencing to the next level with one of the many Writing and Learning Workshops offered.

RLLC Archives
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Alongside the Library’s quickly growing robust digital collections, the Riddell Library and Learning Centre also houses an expanded physical collection to support Mount Royal programs and research. Data files, maps and GIS, and streaming video/audio collections,reflect a few of our specialized digital holdings and services that will be enhanced through this new facility. Physical collections of note include a curriculum collection to support our elementary education degree, and a growing archival and special collections found on the fourth floor in an environmentally controlled and secured use area.

The Real Essentials


The Riddell Library and Learning Centre includes a locally run café for social and intellectual exchange — keeping students fueled with food and coffee.

Zoning and hours

This four-storey building includes a variety of learning and study spaces and is designed to accommodate current and future generations of learners. Moving from an active and potentially noisy community hub first floor, each subsequent floor of the building becomes progressively quieter. Every student should be able to find the perfect place to study and learn in this new facility. The building also accommodates secure zoning so the first floor can stay open for late night hours, while the rest of the building remains secured.

Furniture and power

The Riddell Library and Learning Centre provides approximately 1,800 seats for students (more than tripling current Library seating) and includes a range of furniture choices from individual study pods, to collaboration spaces, tables for spreading out, or treadmill desks for keeping your brain and body active. With well over 1,500 power outlets, 1 million feet of communication cabling running throughout the building, and 110 wireless access hubs you will have no problem keeping essential learning devices like your laptops and phones charged and connected to a world of information.