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Meeting urgent and complex challenges such as climate change, food security, and urbanization requires new knowledge, skills, and approaches. Social innovation is about finding ways to introduce lasting changes at all levels – individual, organizational, and societal – to increase the resilience of vulnerable people and the planet. Social innovators come from every sector and discipline – what they share is a curiosity and a passion for tackling complex social, environmental, and/or cultural challenges.  

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MacEwan University School of Continuing Education, in association with Mount Royal University Continuing Education and Extension, is pleased to offer the Social Innovation certificate program. This program aims to provide social innovators from across Alberta with a unique learning opportunity.

Through blended (in-person and online) delivery, learners will deepen their understanding of complex systems, develop their personal capacities as social innovators, build relationships with other social innovators, and apply their learning to their own initiative or context. Upon completion, your certificate will be awarded by Mount Royal University.


"Social innovators – people we like to refer to as changemakers – come from every sector and discipline, and they may or may not identify with the language of social innovation. What they do share is a commitment to taking on complex social, environmental, and/or cultural challenges to create meaningful change."

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Jill Andres, Changemaker in Residence, Institute for Community Prosperity, Mount Royal University
  • Learn to differentiate between key social innovation definitions and concepts
  • Define social innovation more broadly and understand its connection to systems change
  • Recognize current issues in social innovation, locally and globally
  • Acquire the capacities required to affect meaningful change, and apply these to their own experience
  • Describe the case for integrating impact assessment into social change initiatives
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify and apply a relevant impact framework to a social change initiative
  • Connect to resources and tools that will help students to further their social change efforts
• Complete the 4 required courses (60 hours)
• Although the courses are designed to be taken in the order listed, please note, the courses can be taken in any order
• Can be completed within 2 semesters up to a maximum of 3 years
• Note: If you live near Edmonton or wish to take the in-class portion in Edmonton, please click here to register for the MacEwan University section.

Required Courses

Social Innovation and Changemaking 
Are you involved or interested in becoming involved in social change initiatives in the public, private or community sectors? Gain the foundational knowledge and begin to build a toolkit for mindful action that will be built upon through the remaining courses in this certificate program. You will be exposed to a brief history of social innovation and the seminal definitions, actively explore current issues and tensions locally and globally, and learn about the principles, mindsets, tools and practices required to affect meaningful change.

Subject code: XNPC 20200  15 Hours. Fee: $389  Next offered: Fall 2017*

Mobilizing for Systems Change
How do we challenge and change the systems that perpetuate social problems? Learn to use a systems thinking and systems leadership approach to address complex, entrenched challenges. You will be exposed to frameworks that aim to transform the conditions that led to the problem, and approaches that enhance resilience in these shifting systems. Through case studies and relevant examples you will explore processes and practices such as collective impact stakeholder/ecosystem mapping, partnership brokering and more. You will also be exposed to facilitation practices to enhance your ability to effectively engage diverse stakeholders in social change initiatives.

 Subject code: XNPC 20201 15 Hours. Fee: $389 Next offered: Fall 2017*

Measuring Social Impact
How do we know if our change efforts are having a meaningful impact? This is a critical question for social entrepreneurs, nonprofit professionals, policy makers, impact investors and the philanthropists alike. Using local and global examples, you will explore the evolving landscape of impact assessment and examine the applicability of current measurement frameworks to specific contexts and social change initiatives.

Subject code: XNPC 20202  15 hours. Fee: $389
CRN 50575 Blended: online &
2 classes
April 24-May 13
April 29 & May 13

8:30 a.m.-noon


Social Innovation Lab
Apply your newly acquired knowledge to a personally relevant social change initiative in this hands on capstone course. You will be supported with supplementary educational content and coaching relevant to your particular initiative, and a team of advisers will provide support and feedback to enhance the depth of impact.

Subject code: XNPC 20203  15 hours. Fee: $389

CRN 50576 Blended: online &
2 classes
June 5-24
June 10 & 24

8:30 a.m.-noon



*Fall 2017 registration opens Monday June 12th, 2017.

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