Human Resource Management

New Human Resource Management One Day Seminars

Join us for the following Human Resource Management Seminars

Seminars have been approved for 7 CPD’s through CPHR of Alberta


 The Tech Savvy HR Professional

An introductory hands-on 1 day course of easy, time management and document process tips and tricks to take your career to the next level. With no previous experience necessary, learn about lesser known features of your PC, programs, phone apps and web browser to improve your effectiveness at work. Topics include; write more effective emails, manipulate and edit PDF’s, understand your browser’s full potential, leverage Cloud services like google docs, and time saving apps and programs.

Subject code: XCTT 40013-001

7 hours. Fee:$249



 CRN 90894

 1 class

 Nov. 16

 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.


 Change Management Tools and Resources for HR Professionals: Creating Meaningful and Lasting Change 

During times of transition HR professionals are tasked with guiding and facilitating change, but from a unique perspective of tremendous responsibility with little to no authority.  Therefore, HR professionals need specific tools and processes to effectively take on strategic and active roles as they guide multiple stakeholders to successfully deal with amendments.  Further, understanding of one’s own reactions to change and how to harness this energy is required to properly facilitate transition.  Join us for this one day seminar which provides Human Resource Professionals with practical ideas and techniques to successfully launch, support and sustain change management initiatives within their organizations.  

Subject code: XCTT 40013-000

7 hours. Fee:$249



 CRN 30982

 1 class

 Jan. 26

 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.






 If you would like more information about the Human Resource program or have a specific question please contact the Student and Program Liaison, Devona Smith, at or 403.440.6013.