Corporate Training Solutions


Corporate Training Solutions

Why MRU Corporate Training?

Mount Royal University's Corporate Training supports leaders and their high-performance teams. We work closely with you to understand and deliver what you need, where and when you need it.


  • our facilitators are industry experts and accomplished adult educators
  • our subject matter experts work with us to create or customize content to suit your specific needs
  • we work with you to tailor training solutions around the core values and objectives of your organization
  • our solutions are experiential and outcome-focused
  • we have worked locally, nationally and internationally for over 25 years
  • we work with small and large organizations across all industries
  • current clients include: Alberta Energy Regulator, ATCO, ENMAX, Grey Eagle Casino, Nexen, Suncor, the City of Calgary and Westjet

Our Services

  • training needs analysis
  • customization of content (course and program design & curriculum development)
  • co-branded corporate certificates
  • instruction and workshop facilitation
    • capacity building (organizational and institutional)
    • workforce development (entry-level to upper-management)
  • learning evaluation & reporting
  • coaching
  • consulting

Contact Us

Phone: 403.440.5579

Now you can train your employees for 1/3 the cost with the Canada-Alberta Job Grant
. Mount Royal University provides grant-eligible programs including customized training solutions. Our experts can help you apply for this funding.

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