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AJUS 3010 - Directed Field Studies II

(15 credits)

Applied degree work semesters are designed to provide an extension of the learning process into a relevant work environment. Work-terms provide students with an opportunity to integrate theoretical concepts with practical applications; familiarize students with the justice system and its place within the community; familiarize students with current programs, agencies, policies and procedures; provide students with an opportunity to develop and demonstrate their skills and abilities; and foster in students an attitude of professionalism and ethical practice.

Students will be required to participate in an orientation to the work-term and to familiarize themselves with the work-term manual and its policies. During the work-term, students will also be required to participate in a methods integration seminar. This seminar will provide an opportunity to engage in reflection and discussion of significant learning experiences within the work setting with a member of the faculty.

Prerequisite: Students must have satisfactorily completed Work Term I and all of the course requirements for the first six (6) semesters of the program.