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COMP 3011 – Directed Field Studies II for Computer Information Systems (formerly ENTR 3011)

(15 credits)

The Directed Field Studies provides Computer Information Systems students with an opportunity to extend what they have learned in the classroom into a relevant work environment. It is also an opportunity to acquire new knowledge (both technical and business) through observation, practice and self-assessment. Students will be expected to achieve higher levels of competencies than they did in the first Directed Field Studies course. They must demonstrate their entrepreneurial abilities by generating a suitable work experience, which must be approved prior to the start of the course. It must allow an appropriate and effective learning opportunity. A significant amount of time is required from the student during the semester(s) prior to the Directed Field Studies (e.g. attending work shops, self marketing, developing suitable learning objectives).

Prerequisite: Computer Science 2011 plus 22 courses of the Computer Information Systems and Business program, including 11 Computer Science courses and 6 Business courses.