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EDUC 1233 – Professional Dimensions II

(3 credits – TG) 3 hours lecture, 1 hour tutorial, one-half day per week field experience

This course provides a foundation for curriculum and pedagogy in the areas of planning, facilitating and assessing learning. Further, it examines issues of power and justice and the ways that the economy, matters of race, culture, class, and gender ideologies, political discourses and other social institutions interact to construct the social systems that make up educational institutions. The field experience will focus on small groups and teacher candidates are expected to teach a lesson.

Prerequisite: Education 1231.

Note: This course is designated as critical for continuance in the program, with a minimum ‘B’ grade required for students to advance. Students must achieve a minimum of ‘B’ grade in this course. Grades below a ‘B’ must be replaced by repeating the course before students may progress in any further education courses.