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MATH 2251 – Calculus I

(3 credits – TG) 4 hours lecture

This course is designed for students with some previous exposure to calculus. Topics including functions and graphs, transcendental functions, limits, derivatives, integrals and the fundamental theorem of calculus with emphasis on why the theorems and formulae are true and how they can be applied. By studying calculus, students will improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills and gain insight into the discipline of mathematics.

Prerequisite: Mathematics 30-1, Mathematics 0130 or equivalent with a grade of 65% or higher; or Mathematics 1283 or 1285 with a grade of B- or higher; and Mathematics 31 or Mathematics 0131 with a grade of 50% or higher.

Note: Credit for more than one of Mathematics 1200, 1217, and 2251 will not be allowed.