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MGMT 5333 – Strategic Management

(3 credits – TG) 3 hours lecture

This capstone course develops the conceptual and applied skills associated with analyzing a competitive situation from a general management point of view. It addresses issues affecting the fundamental direction of the firm, considers the formulation and implementation of strategy, focuses on the extent to which different aspects of the firm fit with key environmental forces, and discusses the organization’s ability to leverage its unique core competencies. The course views the organization holistically and, as such, goes beyond the mere integration of specific organizational functions.

Prerequisites: Management 3276, or Entrepreneurship 4431 or 4461, Marketing 2150, Human Resources 2170 or Entrepreneurship 2237, Accounting 3224 or Administration 1329, Finance 3227,
Pre or Co-requisite: Logistics & Supply Chain Management 3403 or Airflight 1242.