Course Listings

Music-Private Lessons

MUSA - 0.5 Hour Private Instruction*

MUSB - 1 Hour Private Instruction*

MUSC - Lecture and Performance Courses

MUSD - 2 Hours Private Instruction (restricted to Music Diploma students)

All music courses must be chosen in consultation with the Mount Royal College Conservatory.

* Most music courses may be arranged on a private lesson basis. In the event of low enrolment in certain courses, an hourly rate as established by the Mount Royal College Conservatory will apply.

Music-Private Lessons

Private lessons are available through the Mount Royal College Conservatory. Arrangements for instruction can be made through The Conservatory Office, Room W302, Telephone (403) 440-6821.

Due to the specialized nature of instruction, fees for these courses are billed at a higher rate than other College courses. Fees for the courses listed below and other private lessons may be obtained directly from The Conservatory Office.

See section entitled "Special Fees" under "Fees and Deposits".

Lessons are offered in the areas listed below. A variety of instruction to meet individual needs can be arranged through The Conservatory Office.

Principal and Secondary Instruments or Voice:

MUSA - .5 Hour Private Instruction

(1 credit - TG) lecture

MUSB - 1 Hour Private Instruction

(2 credits - TG) lecture