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NURS 5114 – Transition to Independent Professional Practice

(10 credits) 370 hours clinical experience

This precepted experience provides opportunity for students to demonstrate a full scope of professional nursing practice. Students will care for selected persons (individual, family, community, population) in a variety of nursing practice settings, using health promotion, primary health care and population health strategies. Students will exemplify evidence based, ethical, safe and effective nursing care, and demonstrate critical thinking, caring inquiry, reflection, autonomy and collaborative practice in preparation for graduation. It is expected that the student will integrate all previous theoretical and practical knowledge. This 5000 level course builds on content in the previous levels of the program. Students must complete all Nursing courses in the lower levels of the program prior to registering for this course.

Prerequisites: Nursing 4112.

Note: Restricted to students currently enrolled in the 4th year of the Bachelor of Nursing program. Other students need approval of department Chair.