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POST 3030 – Internship

(15 Credits)

This course will foster an understanding of the culture and professional practices within administrative fields, and enhance understanding of public policy development. Students will be involved in a paid work experience in a government agency, a company, a research institute, or a non-governmental organization. The internship provides an opportunity to refine and hone the academic knowledge and analytical skills acquired in previous Policy Studies courses and apply them to an actual workplace/policy environment.

Prerequisite: Completion of a minimum of 20 required courses contained in the Policy Studies degree program, including Policy Studies 2201, 2209, 3303, 3305, and Economics 2213, 2244, Political Science 2231, 2259, 2287 and English 2263 with a minimum grade of C or higher. Attendance at all Career Services professional development workshops required to prepare students for their Internship.