Samanti Kulatilake

Samanti Kulatilake

Office: B349D 
Phone: 403.440.8758

B.A in Anthropology (University of  Manitoba)
MPhil and PhD in Biological Anthropology (University of Cambridge)
PhD Thesis: Cranial Diversity and the Evolutionary History of South Asian Populations

Teaching Interests
Biological (Physical) Anthropology, Human Osteology, Evolution of Human Diversity, Affinities, Adaptations and Dispersals, Palaeopathology, Palaeodemography, Craniometry, Mortuary Practices, Statistics for Anthropology, Biological Anthropology of South Asians.

Research Interests:
My research explores patterns in the evolutionary history of  South Asians from prehistoric to recent times, using techniques and methods in human osteology. I am particularly interested in the  relationship between human dispersals, local adaptions, and affinities among Old World populations. I am involved as a Biological Anthropologist in on-going excavation  projects in Sri Lanka, where prehistoric and historic human skeletal remains are being recovered.