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In the newsShankar, Irene. Media Release on May 31, 2016, academica group, "New MRU study reveals four major obstacles for addressing sexual assault on campus."

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Ayyash, Mark. Feature article on  March 29, 2016, Calgary Metro, "TRC commissioners to accept the 2016 Calgary Peace Prize Award."

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McDonald-Harker, Caroline. Feature article on February 14, 2016, CBC News, "Calgary's downturn: a time to teach our children some valuable lessons."

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Led by Dr. Samanti Kulatilake, plans are well underway for the inaugural anthropology field school going to Sri Lanka in spring 2016.

Dr. Timothy Haney received a Humanitarian Award at the International Vigor Awards on October 17, 2015. This is an annual celebration that honours and acknowledges individuals who have made an impact in the world by improving, encouraging, and empowering other people's lives in society. Dr. Haney was recognized for the humanitarian contributions that he has made through his disaster research, teaching, scholarship, and advocacy efforts. Dr. Caroline McDonald-Harker was invited to present this award to him at the awards ceremony. Congratulations Dr. Haney on this outstanding honour!

Dr. Irene Shankar received tenure and was appointed as an Associate Professor in the Discipline of Sociology on May 21, 2015.

Dr. Mary-Lee Mulholland received tenure and was appointed as an Associate Professor in the Discipline of Anthropology on May 21, 2015.

Patrick Carmichael. 2015. “Proto-Nasca Art and Antaras”, Ñawpa Pacha: Journal of Andean Archaeology, Vol. 35, No. 2, pp. 117-172.

McDonald-Harker, Caroline. 2016. Author of recently released book “Mothering In Marginalized Contexts: Narratives of Women Who Mother In and Through Domestic Violence” (294 pages), published with Demeter Press.

Shankar, Irene
. Risky Bodies: Allocation of Risk and Responsibility within Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Canadian Journal of Disability Studies (Accepted).

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Haney, Timothy J.
2015. "Factory to Faculty: Socioeconomic Difference and the Educational Experiences of University Professors." Canadian Review of Sociology 52(2): 160-686.

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Buchanan, Tom. 2015. Cited in this web article:

Buchanan, Tom. 2015. “Race differences in acceptance of cremation: Religion, Durkheim, and death in the African American community”, Social Compass, 62(1), 22-42.

The article can be accessed here:

McDonald-Harker, Caroline
. 2015. “Mothering in the Context of Domestic Abuse and Encounters with Child Protection Services: From Victimized to ‘Criminalized’ Mothers” In Joanne C. Minaker and Bryan Hogeveen (Eds.), Criminalized Mothers, Criminalized Mothering, pp.323-354. Ontario: Demeter Press.

Information about the book can be accessed here:

Haney, Timothy J. 2015. “Learning from Disaster: Post-Katrina New Orleans as a Sociological Classroom” in Jeannie Haubert (Ed.) Rethinking Disaster Recovery: A Hurricane Katrina Retrospective, pp.185-204. Maryland: Lexington Books.

Information about the book can be accessed here:

Carmichael, Patrick, Brenda V. Kennedy, and Lauren Cadwallader. 2014.  "Coastal but not Littoral: Marine Resources in Nasca Diet". Ñawpa Pacha, Journal of Andean Archaeology, Volume 34, Number 1, pp. 3–26. 

Kulatilake, Samanti, Nimal Perera, Siran Deraniyagal, and Jude Perera. 2014. The Discovery and Excavation of a Human Burial from the Mini-athiliya Shell Midden in Southern Sri Lanka. Ancient Asia: Journal of the Society of South Asian Archaeology, 5(3),

The abstract can be accessed here:

Shankar, Irene. 2014. “The Making of a Medical Disorder: Tracing the Emergence of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in Alberta” Social Work in Public Health journal, 30 (1), 38-50.

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Buchanan, Tom.
2014. “The Influence of Gender Role Attitudes on Perceptions of Women’s Work Performance and the Importance of Fair Pay”, Sociological Spectrum, 34 (3), 203-221.

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Swenson, Donald. 2014. “The Subjective Secularization of Great Britain, 1991-2007” Implicit Religion, 17(2), 139-165

The abstract can be accessed here: 

Carmichael, Patrick. 2013. "Regionalism in Nasca Style History", Andean Past 11 (2013): 215-231.

Dr. Timothy Haney and his 2015 Sociology Field School group was awarded the Campus Alberta Grant for International Learning (CAGFIL), from the Alberta Government. The group received $12,000, which will provide $750 in funding to each student attending the field school to New Orleans with Professor Tim Haney.

Dr. Caroline McDonald-Harker
(Collaborative Co-Lead) in collaboration with Dr. Julie Drolet from the University of Calgary (Collaborative Lead) and Dr. Robin Cox from Royal Roads University (Collaborative Co-Lead) received a 2015 Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions (AIHS) CRIO-Population Resiliency research grant of $1.1 million to carry out their research study entitled “Alberta Resilient Communities Research Project: Engaging Children and Youth in Community Resilience Post-flood in Southern Alberta”. This collaborative interdisciplinary research partnership has been formed in order to study the complex interrelationships between vulnerability, risk, and resilience among children, youth, and their communities impacted by the 2013 Southern Alberta Flood Disaster.

Dr. Timothy Haney
received a 2014 SSHRC Insight Grant for his project “Evacuation Decisions, Displacement, and Network Activation in the 2013 Calgary Flood.” His proposal was ranked #4 out of 105 applications in the sociology Insight competition and received $103,000 in funding. With a team of five student research assistants, the project collecting survey data from residents living in all 26 of Calgary’s flooded and/or evacuated neighbourhoods.

Dr. Caroline McDonald-Harker (Principal Investigator) and Dr. Timothy Haney (co-researcher) received a 2014 SSHRC Partnership Development Grant for their project titled “The Effects of Environmental Disasters on the Family: Communicating, Coping, and Caring Among Families Affected by the 2013 High River, Alberta Flood.” The grant is for $168,000 and is supported by nearly 10 community organizations in High River. During Summer and Fall 2014, seven student research assistants completed more than 105 face-to-face interviews and 10 focus groups with parents in High River affected by the flood.

Dr. Caroline McDonald-Harker (Principal Investigator) and Dr. Timothy Haney (co-researcher) received a 2014 Institute for Environmental Sustainability Grant for their project entitled “The Effects and Implications of Environmental Disasters on the Family and Communities, and Ensuring Environmental and Social Sustainability: Communicating, Coping, and Caring Among Families Impacted by the 2013 High River Alberta Floods”. The grant is for $19,800 and examines the human and social impacts of environmental disasters, as the ways in which we as individuals and communities in society can work towards ensuring a sustainable environment.

Patrick Carmichael is a leading Canadian scholar on Andean archaeology, he has been invited for summer 2015 to design and head a unique travel-study course on the Nasca and Inca cultures of ancient Peru. Dr. Carmichael is a world authority on Nasca pottery, and while in Peru, he will continue research on 2,000 year-old desert tombs. Leading-edge findings will be shared with Mount Royal students in his courses on archaeological methodology and ancient civilizations.

Stephen Deng, a Sociology Alumni has been featured in the Calgary Herald on May 18, 2015 for his contributions to helping the Calgary, Alberta police bridge a cultural gap.

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Melanie Gracy, a 2013 Sociology Alumni, has been selected to be an intern at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City beginning in July 2015. This internship at the UN headquarters is among the most competitive and prestigious positions available for a graduate student. Melanie is pursuing her Master's Degree in Sustainable Natural Resource Management at the UN's University for Peace in Costa Rica, which she plans to finish toward the end of this year