Why Innovation & Entrepreneurship?

Our goal is simple: to create and nurture an entrepreneurial mindset. We want to graduate the most entrepreneurial minds in Canada by fostering a mindset marked by creativity, a readiness to identify and take on new opportunities, and perseverance to overcome all obstacles.

Students that develop entrepreneurial minds are innovators that transform companies of all sizes, drive social enterprise, create new ventures and build dynamic communities.

At the core of being innovative and entrepreneurial are a student?s ambitions and individuality. Our students customize their entire learning experience to fit around the things that make them unique and are provided every opportunity to make their entrepreneurial ambitions a reality. Unlike many other university programs, the entrepreneurial experience at Mount Royal is focused on creating and nurturing an innovative mindset rather than simply learning the steps to starting a business.

Our students can marry their personal passions and entrepreneurial skills to impact the world, satisfy their ambition to start a new venture, or uncover their true passions to chart a fulfilling career. The experience our students gain as innovators set them far apart from their colleagues and peers. Students that experience innovation and entrepreneurship at Mount Royal gain qualities that are on everyone?s must-hire list.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a path that can take you in many exciting directions.