The LaunchPad Program was created to help Mount Royal University’s most innovative and entrepreneurial students pursue their passion, inspire ideas, and launch their own venture. We do this through a series of programs that offer coaching and mentorship, workshops, funding, co-working space, and access to a thriving community. 

LaunchPad Innovators Circle

Are you a driven student passionate about innovation? Do you have knowledge and resources it takes to benefit the startups and organizations you join? Do you thrive in a fast pace environment? Or are you a freelancer equipt with the talent startups need? If you said yes to any of the question above, then this is the community for you!

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LaunchPad Founders Circle

The MRU Founders Circle is a non-credit program for ambitious like-minded students eager to validate, launch, and build their venture. Apply today to join an elite group of Mount Royal University movers and shakers. Hold yourself accountable to personal goals, learn from peer-to-peer mentorship, receive guidance from industry experts, and explore opportunities for funding.



LaunchPad Alumni Mentorship Program

Mentorship has a profound impact on the development and success of a student’s entrepreneurial mindset and venture development. Challenges that may otherwise seem insurmountable are made to feel more attainable upon conversation with a supportive mentor. Connections made through a mentor and mentee relationship expedite learning, as well as mitigate the anxiety that is common in early entrepreneurial practice. This is why we've created the Alumni Mentorship Program which leverages the experience and success of graduates of the LaunchPad entrepreneurship program to mentor current student entrepreneurs at various stages of development. By providing student entrepreneurs with consistent access to experienced entrepreneurs who have recently gone through a similar program, MRU can not only build the entrepreneurship capacity but also the mentorship capacity of Alberta. If you are in the commitment/validation stage of your venture, this is the perfect program for you to accelerate your business, which the guidance of a Mount Royal entrepreneur who understands what it takes to balance school, work and the exciting tasking of launching a venture!

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 No venture idea? No worries! Connect with professionals in your field. Explore career options and gain industry insight. Meet one-on-one with a mentor or join a mentorship circle. Join Mount Royal’s Harry G. Schaefer Mentorship Program. Open to students in the final two years of their program. Find out how mentorship can take you further: mtroyal.ca/mentorship

JMH LaunchPad Pitch Competition

You don't have to wait until graduation to pursue your entrepreneurial passions and start a business. The JMH LaunchPad was created to help MRU's most entrepreneurial students launch their own ventures. The LaunchPad program provides grants to students as well as valuable mentorship, culminating in the annual LaunchPad Pitch Competition. In this Dragon's Den-style competition, students pitch their entrepreneurial venture to a panel of experienced judges and a supportive audience for their share of $60,000 in cash and services. Before the competition, students work hand-in-hand with a collection of seasoned entrepreneurs to develop their value proposition, learn how to effectively pitch their idea, and learn from some of the brightest entrepreneurial minds in Calgary.

The JMH LaunchPad is Mount Royal University's signature entrepreneurship initiative and truly supports our goal of creating the most entrepreneurial minds in Canada. Funded by a generous donation from JMH&CO. of $250,000 over five years, LaunchPad has been responsible for supporting multiple Mount Royal based startups through financial assistance and mentorship opportunities. All Mount Royal students are welcome to apply to the LaunchPad program. 

Application deadline March 2 2017



LaunchPad Alumni Achievement Award

Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Mount Royal University derives tremendous pride from the success of our students and their achievements as alumni. Our alumni community make remarkable contributions to their professions and communities. To celebrate their many accomplishments the Institute For Innovation and Entrepreneurship is honouring our alumni and students through the LaunchPad Alumni Achievement Awards. 

Applications open in Winter semester 2017  


LaunchPad Accelerator Course

This course provides the opportunity for students to roll up their sleeves and apply the Lean Startup method to their venture inside a non-traditional classroom. Students experience the fast-paced demanding environment of a startup as they present weekly findings from engagements with potential customers, partners and mentors.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

I have an idea, what do I do?

First, we must determine which application you should fill out. If you are just starting to brainstorm ideas, or have a defined idea but no business model, I’d suggest applying to the Innovator’s Circle. This allows us to get to know you as an individual without asking a bunch of questions about a business that doesn't exist (yet). If you have a business, or an idea that you're working on (business model), apply to the Founder’s Circle. This application will ask specific questions about your venture that will help us guide you towards your next steps.

I don't have an idea, can I still engage with the Institute For Innovation and Entrepreneurship?

YES! Just because you don't have an idea does not mean you are not innovative or entrepreneurial! We strongly encourage you to get involved. Our Innovator’s Circle and Inspiring Ideas Workshops are designed to connect, inspire and help uncover your passions.

My venture is a social enterprise or for purpose venture, is this the right place for me?

YES! Members of both the Innovator's Circle and the Founders Circle come from across campus, with a diverse background, in a variety of markets. Regardless of your business model, we are here to help!

I have a business partners external to Mount Royal University, can I still apply?

Yes - just indicate the names of your team members on your application (and their contact information).

Does the Institute give out funding to all of the members of the Founders Circle?

No, we do not. While the Institute For Innovation and Entrepreneurship does have funding available for entrepreneurs in the various stages of growth, this does not mean you will automatically receive funding. Members who receive funding, for validation or for growth, must demonstrate the drive, commitment, and understanding of what it takes to validate, launch and grow a business.

I’ve never taken an entrepreneurship class, can I still apply to the programs?

Absolutely! We always encourage you to enroll in MRU’s Entrepreneurship classes, but if you cannot take the classes for whatever reason, we would still love to see you get involved.