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Capstone Showcase 2016

 SimpleMachines_Capstone2016 PhysicalEducation_Capstone2016

The capstone showcase event highlighted the inquiry projects of graduating teacher candidates undertaken during their final practicum. The capstone projects are an authentic living record of their in-depth development as reflective professionals.  Some engaged in professional inquiries on topics such as:


  • Mindfulness
  • Deep questioning
  • Inclusion
  • Assessment
  • The desk-free classroom


Others engaged in curricular inquiries that closely examined student learning through rich learning experiences including:


  • Drawing Bots (Science - Simple Machines)
  • What Makes Life Livable? (Science and Social Studies)
  • Power to the People (Social Studies)
  • Angles in Motion (Math and Physical Education)


Over 120 guests attended the showcase including mentor teachers, principals, school board personnel, university faculty, and family members. Guests were inspired by the creativity and depth of the work. There was a celebratory atmosphere as teacher candidates launched from this culminating event into their new careers!