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"The Aboriginal Education Program takes a holistic approach to creating a supportive environment where students can build the confidence to set and attain personal, educational and career goals.  It strives to provide a quality educational journey and honours the contributions of Aboriginal knowledge, traditions and values.  The program's goal is to build and sustain strong relationships between students, staff and instructors, and to utilize available resources."



In 1990, under the direction of the Calgary Aboriginal Urban Affairs Committee, a research study was conducted concerning the state of Aboriginal education in the City of Calgary.  Recommendations were made for adult upgrading and post-secondary access to education, and used by Native Employment Transitional Services to develop a program proposal.


The task force members established a partnership agreement with the Faculty of continuing Education and Extension at Mount Royal College to deliver a College/University Preparation/Post-secondary Access program.  The final proposal was submitted to the provincial and federal government and in January of 1993, the Aboriginal Education Program opened the doors to the College Preparation Program.


The original task force continues to be a key resource for community consultation and the establishment of the program directives.  In January of 1994, the participants in this group formed the Calgary Aboriginal Education Centre Society and evolved into the Circle of Advisors for the program.

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