Katrin Becker, M.Sc., Ph.D., C.I.D.

Position:  Adjunct Professor and Lecturer

Office:   B170B
Email:    kbecker@mtroyal.ca

Graduate Certificate in Serious Game Design and Research, (2013 expected) Michigan State University
PhD, Educational Technology, (2008) University of Calgary
Master of Science in Computer Science, (1983) University of Calgary
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, (1981) University of Calgary
*C.I.D. = Certified Instructional Designer


Katrin is an internationally known expert in the design and analysis of Serious Games. With over 30 years of teaching experience in Science, Engineering, Education, and Art, she has taught computer science, videogame design, digital game-based learning, and technical writing. Her teaching innovations have been internationally recognized and she is widely published in the areas of computer science education, educational technology, and digital game based learning, including a book on simulations and games for non-technical people. She designs and develops eLearning in all sectors, and has consulted for various organizations on the use of digital games for instructional purposes. She has designed and developed several educational and advertising games. She is also the author of a book on the technical aspects of simulations and games written for non-technical people.

Finally, she runs a small farm where she has been raising waterfowl and other animals for over twenty years. This farm forms the basis for her “Ducks in the Classroom” program, which has been providing eggs for hatching in classrooms locally since 1988, and information on school hatching projects globally since 2001. It is what keeps her grounded, and what accounts for the occasional bit of dreck on her shoe.