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JamLab is a unique 2-day workshop that will get participants listening, communicating, and playing together with the goal of making spontaneous and original music. This program will provide musicians ages 12-16 the opportunity to learn the techniques and skills required to create engaging music in an inclusive and fun environment.



Together with our facilitators, we strive to achieve the following goals during the program:

To provide young musicians with the skills required to turn an idea into a song using spontaneity and sensitivity
To provide mentorship and coaching (both one-on-one and group based) with the goal of developing and honing each student’s musical potential

To provide a fun and interesting learning experience, while keeping a focus on inclusiveness and respectfulness
To explore the creative process and “music mindfulness” through playing and collaboration in a dynamic, supportive environment



The desired outcome for each participant will be to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding for various genres, styles and modes of music, to learn new skills pertaining to creating original music using, to explore the dynamics of small group playing (fitting, sensitivity, etc.) and to hone the art of listening.



JamLab Group2079October 20 and 21, 20181:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.$150

Course requirements: 

Students are required to bring their own instruments (with the exception of drum set and amps for electrical instruments)  

Students must have at the least a basic knowledge of note names and locations on their instruments, musical scales (Major, Minor, and Pentatonic scales) and various chords (Major, Minor, Dominant7) 

Most importantly, students must be excited to create original music! 


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JamLab - A Mount Royal University Conservatory and Prophets of Music Initiative