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Klezmer Ensemble

Klezmer is dance music from the wedding traditions of Eastern European Jewish communities.  Klezmer is the happy result of the meeting of Jewish liturgical music with folk traditions and includes influences from Roma, Turkish and other styles.  After being all but forgotten in the wake of the second world war, the music has undergone a huge revival in the past generation, with klezmer bands popping up in countries around the world.
Topics to be covered include: the Jewish modes, ornamentation of melodies, harmony and counter melodies, accompaniment and the role of the rhythm section, playing doinas and taksim, the various dance styles including Jewish Horas or Zhoks, Bulgars, Sirbas, Terkishers, Chosidls and more.  In addition to playing, we will also listen to recorded examples, learn a bit about the major figures of the klezmer tradition, kibbitz (discuss), schmooze (more talking) and maybe even nosh (snack) a little.
Instructor: Frank Rackow
Course CRN Day Date Time Fee
Klezmer Ensemble 91108 Thursday October 4 - November 22, 2018 7:30 - 9 p.m.  $175



This course runs in collaboration with the Calgary Jewish Community Centre (JCC).


Graduates from this course have the opportunity to join the JCC Community Klezmer Band, to further their exploration of Klezmer music and to gain additional performance experience. (Rehearsals are biweekly on Monday evenings from September to June).