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Carnatic Raga Music Courses

Carnatic music is most commonly associated with southern India with its origin in ancient Hindu traditions. Carnatic music's main emphasis is centered around vocal music with accompanying instruments usually featuring violin, mridangam, and the tambura, although ancient stringed instruments, flutes, accompanying percussion instruments may also be included.

CourseCRN Day Date Time Fee
Carnatic Raga Music Level 1
CRN 2080 Sunday Feb. 4 - Mar 25, 2018 3 - 4pm $175
 Carnatic Raga Music Level 1 Age – 8 years and above. Course open to beginners with no prior Carnatic music education

Week 1: Introduction to Carnatic Music

Week 1 & 2: Basic exercises in different ragas to build the knowledge of placement of the notes (Swarasthanas)

Week 3: Voice culture techniques to establish strong foundation in singing the notes

Week 4 & 5: Introduce the concept of gamakas in Carnatic music and how to sing the gamakas correctly

Week 6 & 7 Singing musical phrases using sol-fa  notes (Swarajathis)  in different ragas

Week 8: Review & recital 


Course open to students with background and understanding of classical music forms (Carnatic/Hindustani/Western)

8 Classes