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Kathak Dance


Kathak is a North Indian classical Dance form. The word Kathak is derived from Sanskrit word katha- kathayati which means – “to tell a story”. Kathak Dance, a form of Indian Classical Dance where in movement and action, both lyrical and rhythmic, expresses Indian culture. Kathak dance originated in the temples of India and further developed in the time of Mughal emperors. As Kathak dance evolved it moved from being a strictly Temple dance, propagating out into all facets of society, eventually becoming the cultural and artistic dance it is today. Kathak can be looked upon as a medium of exercise as it refreshes mind and body.

 Instructor: Sonali Khare–Joglekar


Fall Kathak Dance Classes

Basics of Kathak: Adults (Module 2)
2070SundayFeb 4 - Jun 10, 20185 - 6:30pm$375
Kathak Dance - Level 2 (6 - 9 yrs)1308


Feb 4 - Jun 10, 2018

4 - 5pm


Registration for Fall classes begins on June 12, 2017