Research & Scholarship Governance

Research & Scholarship Governance

MRU Strategic Research Plan

Recognizing the critical role of research in meeting our mandate, Mount Royal University developed a five-year Strategic Research Plan in 2018. This inaugural planning document identified four key themes for scholarly activity:

  • Undergraduate Involvement in Research. The establishment of an undergraduate research culture at Mount Royal and the involvement of students in research activities wherever possible.
  • Community-Engaged Scholarship. To establish Mount Royal as one of the principal institutions in Canada engaging in mutually beneficial research partnerships with its external community.
  • The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). Mount Royal looks to become recognized across Canada and beyond for SoTL in terms of research and dissemination, application of scholarly results to teaching practices and faculty development.
  • Collaborative Research. To take advantage of Mount Royal’s longstanding highly collaborative culture and build new opportunities in and for interdisciplinary research across the University and beyond.

Research, scholarship and community engagement activity has grown significantly at MRU over the past five years and we are in the process of writing a new strategic research plan to guide us into the future. The new plan is being developed in consultation with our community and will align with the directions of the Institutional Strategic Plan and the Academic Plan


Committee Charter 

Terms of Reference:
  • Review annually the Institution’s Strategic Research Plan and provide advice on its contents, objectives, and orientation
  • Consider and review, as required, existing research related policies and propose new one, if necessary, and provide advice on their content, interpretation, and implementation
  • Provide a forum where new research, scholarly initiatives and ideas can be discussed and reviewed in an inter-disciplinary context
  • Provide, through its members, an internal communication mechanism built on the existing institutional structure to broadly communicate information concerning research, funding opportunities, institutional research initiatives, and the like
  • Establish, as required, sub-committees to address emerging issues as they relate to research, creative, and scholarly activities and develop proposals for addressing them.


Name Department Phone Email
Michael Quinn (Chair) AVP, Research, Scholarship and Community Engagement 403.440.7017
David Docherty MRU President, GFC Chair 403.440.6393
Lesley Brown Vice-Chair, GFC, Provost and Vice-President, Academic 403.440.6858
Meagan Bowler Interim University Librarian 403.440.6086
Luc Carels Student Representative    
Marlena Cross Marketing and Communications 403.440.6411
Anupam Das Faculty of Arts 403.440.6535
Melissa Deane Manager, Office of Research, Scholarship and
Community Engagement
Ray De Paul Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship 403.440.8497
Danah Duke Miistakis Institute 403.440.8444
Cynthia Gallop Chair, Human Research Ethics Board 403.440.6985
Tim Haney Centre for Community Disaster Research 403.440.8659
Kendra Hart Faculty of Business and Communication Studies 403.440.8435
Michael Huston Student Affairs and Campus Life 403.440.6362
Sonya Jakubec Centre for Child Well-Being 403.440.6447
Cari Merkley University Library 403.440.5068
David Ohreen Faculty of ADC and GenEd 403.440.6367
Gwen O'Sullivan Faculty of Science and Technology 403.440.6257
Jennifer Pettit Deans' Council Representative 403.440.5985
Dwayne Sheehan GFC Member-at-Large 403.440.5148
Cordelia Snowdon Student Representative    
James Stauch Institute for Community Prosperity 403.440.7055
Gladys Sterenberg Faculty of Health, Community and Education 403.440.8729
Connie Van Der Byl Institute for Environmental Sustainability 403-440-5030
Lori Wormington Finance Designate 403.440.6605
Michelle Yeo Institute for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 403.440.6494
  Research Development Officers (RDOs)    
Kathy Homer Recording Secretary 403.440.6731

Committee Charter

The Scholarship Review Committee (SRC) reviews all institution-wide internal grant applications, makes decisions on ranking, and provides recommendations on funding to the AVP Research. The SRC also acts as a team of topic-specialist reviewers that may be called upon by the Grants Facilitator, the Human Research Ethics Board, or individual faculty (through Research Services), to review specific portions of applications. Committee members may also be called upon to review specific types of external calls where the institution is the manager of the funds, such as through AACTI or SSHRC Institutional Grants.


Name Department Phone Email
Michael Quinn (Chair) AVP, Research, Scholarship and Community Engagement 403.440.7017
Melissa Deane Manager, Office of Research, Scholarship and
Community Engagement
Julia Johnson Recorder, Office of Research, Scholarship and
Community Engagement
Carol Armstrong Science and Technology 403.440.8568
Deb Bennett General Education 403.440.8892
Katherine Boggs Science and Technology 403.440.6645
Jim Fischer Bissett School of Business 403.440.6835
Kendra Hart Bissett School of Business 403.440.8435
Sarah Hewitt Science and Technology 403.440.8755
Emily Hutchison
(On sabbatical)
Arts 403.440.8458
Ada Jaarsma Arts 403.440.8545
Brian Jackson Library 403.440.5032
Shannon Kell Health, Community & Education 403.440.6493
Bev Mathison Health, Community & Education 403.440.8655
Kenna Olsen Arts 403.440.5953
Joseph Osuji Health, Community & Education 403.440.6559
Irene Shankar Arts 403.440.8661
Pamini Thangarajah Science and Technology 403.440.6477
Gil Wilkes Communication Studies 403.440.8523
Cynthia Gallop (Chair)Child Studies and Social Work403.440.6985
Malinda Desjarlais (HREB Vice-Chair and Chair for SHREC and Psychology Student Research Ethics Committee)Psychology403.440.8441
Deb BennettGeneral
Lee EastonEnglish, Languages, and
Leah HamiltonBissett School of
Susan JacobySchool of Nursing and
Lynne LafaveHealth and Physical
Karen ManarinEnglish, Languages, and
David OhreenGeneral
Djordje CalicStudent Representative  
Stephanie StoneDiversity and Human
Rachel SymeCommunity Member
CIHR Canadian Institutes of Health Research, University of Calgary
Donovan TymchyshynCommunity Member
Vecova Centre for Disability Services and Research
Priscilla WamuciiResearch Compliance Officer403.440.8470

  Ad Hoc Advisors  

Stacey Page
Chair, CHREB

University of Calgary Conjoint Health Research Ethics Board (CHREB)403.220.2763

Michael Barr
Chief Information Officer

Information Technology

John Fisher
Director, Iniskim Centre

Aboriginal Issues
Malinda Desjarlais (Chair)
Harpreet AulakhEconomics, Justice, and Policy
Abdul ChikhouniBissett School of
Marty ClarkHealth and Physical
Judy GleesonNursing and
Brian GuthrieChild Studies and Social
Shannon KellHealth and Physical
Bailey McCaffertyPsychology (Student)403.440.6412
Monica PaulsChild Studies and Social
Rachael PettigrewBissett School of
Fredrick UlmerSociology and
Priscilla WamuciiResearch Compliance
Name Email Contact Information Term
Mee, Jonathan (Chair) MRU, Dept. of Biology
Telephone: 403.440.5150
Office: B344E
2016/20 – 4 years
Term end: June 2020

Quinn, Michael MRU - Associate Vice-President
Office of Research, Scholarship
and Community Engagement (ORSCE)
Telephone: 403.440.7017
Office: U269A
 Ex officio
Deane, Melissa MRU - Manager, ORSCE
Telephone: 403.440.5081
Office: U265E
Ex officio
Atkinson-Leadbeater, Karen MRU, Dept. of Psychology
Telephone: 403.440.8442
Office: EA3066
2016/20 – 4 years
Term end: June 2020
Cruz, Melissa MRU, Dept. of Biology
Telephone: 403.440.5540
Office: B342A
2016/20 – 4 years
Term end: June 2020
Leininger, Ron Community Member/Consulting Veterinarian
Telephone: 403.226.5522
2016/20 – 4 years
Term end: June 2020
TBD   Community Member
Priest, Michelle Community Member
Besurance Corporation
2016/20 – 4 years
Term end: June 2020
Radzikowska, Milena MRU, Dept. of Information Design
Phone: 403.440.8941
Office: T275
2016/20 – 4 years
Term end: June 2020
Rathburn, Melanie MRU, Dept. of General Education
Telephone: 403.440.8636
Office: B344I
2016/20 – 4 years
Term end: June 2020
Snowdon, Cordelia Student Representative
Vice-President, Academic, SAMRU
Telephone: 403.440.6402
2016/20 – 4 years
Term end: June 2020
Wamucii, Priscilla MRU, ORSCE
Telephone: 403.440.8470
Office: U269B
Yu, Raymond MRU, Laboratory Safety Specialist

2017/21 - 4 years
Term end: June 2021

We are here to help For more information about research and scholarship governance, please contact Associate Vice-President - Research, Scholarship and Community Engagement, Michael Quinn, at 403.440.7017 or