Why Community Prosperity?

Community prosperity is fundamentally about value creation. The nurturing of both values and value: 

  • Values, in the sense of caring, of empathy. It is recognizing that we are part of a human community, that no one is an island, and that leadership is not even possible without community.
  • Value, in the sense of economic activity that is productive; that creates worth. It is something that makes individuals, neighbourhoods, cities, the planet, better off than before – i.e. safer, happier, more just, more culturally rich, more healthy and ecologically thriving.

Embedded in our sense of community prosperity is the idea of “changemaking”. This is the marriage of active citizenship and entrepreneurship; where a visceral sense of social justice - that the world can and should be better - is met with the tools to start making a difference. Changemakers are needed to innovate, to invest, and to lead.

Our Team

Our team of changemakers - staff, affiliated faculty, community advisors, and allies are committed to create change and build a framework for community prosperity at Mount Royal University. With a wide range of life experiences, expertise, and insight, our diverse team is always growing and looking for new ways to build better communities.


Get in touch with our amazing group of changemakers to learn more about community prosperity activities and research initiatives. They will help you find what you are looking for!