Bachelor of Business Administration

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Minor

Transforming ideas is at the centre of Entrepreneurship education in the Bissett School of Business. Entrepreneurship focuses on the attitudes, behaviours and skills necessary to launch and sustain a wide variety of opportunities. This unique educational offering of six specialized and integrated courses reflects best practices in entrepreneurship education.
It is interesting, creative, current and applicable across disciplines.

These courses, which focus on developing entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, make a challenging experience during which students discover and pursue their passions.   Students will gain relevant experience for developing opportunities within for-profit and non-profit organizations and business start-ups. Entrepreneurship can be completed as a minor with the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and can also be explored as a minor for non-business students.  We are reaching out to the World's future visionairies and game changers--to Mount Royal students striving to pursue their passions, gain experience and make an impact--start today--whatever your field of study.

  • Step away from the desk
  • Complement your program
  • Meet people who will help you
  • Gain experience and make an impact
  • Learn by solving wicked real-world problems in a supportive environment.

Career opportunities

Career options are endless for entrepreneurs, but if you are beginning on a more traditional career route, with a foundation in entrepreneurship you are prepared for management positions in private or public organizations, as business owner or operator or business venture analyst. Options are endless, but may include:

Business owner/operator
Entrepreneurial manager in private or public organization
Business analyst
• Business Development
• Product Manager

Funding available

The program offers opportunities for startup funding through a partnership with the Canada Youth Business Foundation. Students are eligible for loans up to $45,000 based on business plans and academic records — not on their credit rating.

Further education

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) prepares you for Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs as well as other graduate studies.