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Wellness Services takes an innovative approach to your health by integrating a broad spectrum of services that address the wellness of your body, mind, and spirit.  We believe that academic and personal success is best served through the development of you as a whole person.

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Science of Persuasion Class Video Project
This was a marketing class (Science of Persuasion) project meant to advertise a certain product or service. Our group consisted of 4 members; Adeel Khan, Alexandra Sarmiento, Jagjot Sandhu, Gurpreet Kaur.

We chose to do Wellness Services because we believe that mental health is a huge issue and should be addressed. The purpose of our video was to educate students about the signs of stress and anxiety, how to make better choices when dealing with these conditions, and the results of making the right choices.

In order to provide information about the signs of mental health, we showed the main character dealing with sadness and not being able to concentrate at the library.  For positive alternatives, we showed the main character making an appointment at the Wellness Center, going to the gym, and meditating. On the negative alternatives, we showed the student smoking, being withdrawn, and not addressing their issues.

Our video sends a message of the positive results that students dealing with stress and anxiety may experience when visiting/using services offered at the Wellness Center.  At the beginning of the video we show the problem and as the video continues, we provide the viewer with a clear solution and an action to take.


Video credits:
Filming/directing/production: Adeel Khan
Main character/actor: Alexandra Sarmiento
Friend 1/actor: Jagjot Sandhu
Friend 2/actor: Gurpreet Kaur

*Royalty free music used in video
Consent has been provided by all members to use the video and any written information provided about this project.