Bob Uttl

B.Sc. Hon (McMaster University),
MA, PhD (University of British Columbia); Psychology

Office:  EA3061
Phone:  403.440.8539
E-mail:  buttl@mtroyal.ca
: http://www.docbob.ca


  • PSYC 2210  Statistical Methods for Psychology I
  • PSYC 4413  Advanced Methods II
  • PSYC 4405  Psychometrics
  • PSYC 4465  Advanced Topics in Cognition


  • cognition and memory; prospective memory; cognitive aging; cognitive and neuropsychological assessment; measurement; human factors; education


NSERC Discovery Grant (2011-2016; $27,000/year)


Peer-Reviewed Publications

Uttl, B. (2011). Transparent meta-analysis: Does aging spare prospective memory with focal vs. non-focal cues?  PLoS ONE, 6(2): e16618.

Uttl, B., & Kibreab, M. (2011). Self-report measures of prospective memory are reliable but not valid. Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology, 65, 57-68.

Uttl, B., & Kisinger, K. (2010). Meaning of missing values in eyewitness recall and accident records.  PLoS ONE, 5(9), e12539.

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Uttl, B., Graf, P., & Siegenthaler, A. (2006). Influence of object size on baseline identification, priming, and explicit memory. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 48, 281-288.

Uttl, B. (2005). Measurement of individual differences: Lessons from memory assessment in research and clinical practice. Psychological Science, 47, 460-467.

Uttl, B., & Van Alstine, C. (2003). Rising verbal IQ scores: Implications for research and clinical practice. Psychology and Aging, 18, 616-21.

Chapters/Conference Proceedings

Uttl, B., McDouall, J., & Leonard, C. A. (in press).  Measurement of prospective memory: Importance of delay and continuous measures.  In Hendrix, D. M., & Holcomb, O. (Eds.), Psychology of Memory, Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, NY, xxx-xxx.

Uttl, B., & Uttl, J. (2009). On superiority of simple solutions to complex problems and other fairy tales. Proceedings of the International Snow Science Workshop, Davos, Switzerland, 623-627.

Uttl, B., Uttl, J., & Henry, M. (2008). The Avaluator Avalanche Accident Prevention Card: Facts, fictions, and controversies. Proceedings of the International Snow Science Workshop, Whistler, BC, Canada, 445-454.