The majority of Institute for Environmental Sustainability funds are dedicated to supporting research by Mount Royal faculty in sustainability. The Institute Director and the associated team also conduct sustainability-related research for both applied and academic contribution:

Institute for Environmental Sustainability Supported Projects

Institute for Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

Professional Development: Strategic Sustainability and the Energy Industry Online Course

This course, developed by MRU and IES, delivered by Director Van der Byl offers a high-level overview of sustainability and its three fundamental pillars: environment, society and economics. It reviews sustainability from a systems perspective; particular foci of the course includes stakeholder relations and the energy industry within a strategic sustainability context.


Parks and Protected Areas Research Group

The Parks and Protected Areas Research Group (PPARG) of the Institute for Environmental Sustainability is an amalgamation of interested researchers and practitioners that place focus on sustainability issues around parks and other protected land areas. This group brings together interested individuals and provides a forum for discussion and dissemination of research. Learn more about PPARG.

Under Western Skies Conference

IES has been a key supporter of the Under Western Skies Conference (UWS) Series, which takes places at MRU every other year. In 2014, the Institute hosted the closing ceremony of the UWS3 reception in honour of award-winning scientist Dr. David Schindler. The 2016 Conference celebrated Water and IES hosted Keynote Kim Sturgess, CEO and founder of Alberta WaterSMART. We are also proud that the PPARG group held  various activities as well. Visit for more information.