Inclusive MRU Cougars Brand

We are the Cougars

Over the past several months, Marketing and Communications has worked alongside the Athletics and Recreation team to create the next generation Cougars visual identity.

We are pleased to announce that after many cross-campus consultations with students, faculty and staff, our creative collaboration is nearing our rollout phase.

We are the Cougars – all students, faculty, staff, Board members, alumni ... everyone who is part of our community, and everyone who is invested in the success of Mount Royal University is welcomed and encouraged to be part of the Cougars spirit. That spirit may have its roots in Athletics, but its power to unify our campus is limitless.

Throughout the summer, in various locations on and off campus, the new Cougars identity will be revealed. There will be opportunities to "sneak a peek” as work is completed, however our major unveiling for all faculty and staff will take place at the President’s Fall Address in late August. We hope you will join us!

To help build your excitement, we're proud to share a short teaser video, created in-house by our Cougars brand committee. The video embodies the pride, determination and focus that is a hallmark of not only our student-athletes, but of all our students, faculty and staff.

Together, we are the Cougars.

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An inclusive MRU Cougars brand is a brand which is larger than just the Athletics department and can become a catalyst for school pride and spirit at MRU. It is integral to the student and employee experience and it contributes to each individual being an engaged MRU member. An inclusive MRU Cougars brand will be more than a logo and visuals, it will be the emotional experience that individuals have when interacting with MRU programs and services.  School spirit and pride is an important factor in things such as wellness, retention, and alumni giving.
As outlined in the institutional strategic plan, student success is closely linked to their connection to the institution. Now is the time to engage students further in an inclusive Cougar brand, include everyone and build community on campus.

As well, the existing Cougar brand has many application issues. It gets lost in comparison to our competitors on marketing and communications materials. This results in our sports teams being mistaken for high school programs in public.

Finally, there are some high profile items such as the Triple Gym Courts (this summer) that are being updated according to fiscal planning and if we miss these opportunities we will have to wait up to 10 years to update the brand in these areas due to budget. 
In the past few years there have been many discussions about the limitations and shortfalls of the existing Cougars logo, however an assessment was not started until July 2016 when the Athletics Strategic Planning marketing committee determined that it was time for a review of the visual identity. Through focus groups that included Mount Royal University students, staff, faculty and alumni, the feedback helped Athletics realize that it was time to refresh the Cougars visual identity, and its meaning to the Mount Royal community as a basis for campus spirit.
The company selected through the Mount Royal University Business Services RFP process is Artslinger. While many qualified companies entered bids on the project, Artslinger was selected for their previous experience working with both academic institutions and athletic organizations, as well as their team’s impressive experience.
Presently the departments of Athletics and Recreation, and University Advancement Marketing and Communications are leading this project. With the goal of making the MRU Cougar Brand and inclusive representation of campus spirit, the committee hopes that others on campus will embrace the spirit of the brand by using it in appropriate applications. 
Recognizing the importance of the MRU Cougars inclusive brand, Athletics and Recreation, and Marketing and Communications are all involved in sharing the costs of the development of the new visuals from their current operating budgets.