Our Brand


Our brand

Whether you’ve been at Mount Royal for a month, a year or 30 years, you feel it: that underlying current of excitement. That sense that something incredible is happening here. We’ve all attempted to put words to it — to describe, to explain what Mount Royal is all about.

Our brand concept, Face to Face, is a concise phrase that captures the personal, approachable, responsive, authentic way in which we educate and interact with those we serve — and those we work with — on a daily basis.

Mount Royal’s “brand” simply means what we stand for — our greatest strengths and ideals. It is expressed by a brand promise and our brand pillars.

Our brand promise captures how we see ourselves, and what we want others to see:

At Mount Royal, students will experience a high quality education enhanced by smaller class sizes, personalized learning and a single-minded dedication to premier undergraduate learning.

To prove we can deliver on our promise, Mount Royal has committed to four brand pillars:

Our brand goes far beyond the goal of recruiting new students. It’s intended to help us build a strong and consistent reputation – to put a face on Mount Royal, our benefits and our distinctiveness. It is our “trust mark” for what Mount Royal represents.

The history of the Mount Royal brand runs deep. It was created through an extensive, comprehensive process that involved internal and external voices from all walks of life. With a clear and well-developed brand in hand, our objective is to:

  • Strengthen our reputation with the stakeholders who matter most to us
  • Meet enrolment goals by influencing students to view Mount Royal as a top-choice institution
  • Boost giving by inspiring donors to support Mount Royal in greater numbers

The importance of brand

Mount Royal’s brand is not simply a logo or tagline, although those can be important aspects of a brand. Our brand is really a consistent promise we make to our most important stakeholders. They include:

  • Prospective and current undergraduate students
  • Prospective and current faculty and staff members
  • Alumni and donors
  • Members of the Calgary community

Beyond spin

The brand cannot be "spin" or marketing "hype." It is built solidly on the brand pillars that Mount Royal can demonstrate and stand behind; brand pillars that are distinctive, believable and important to the essence of the Mount Royal education experience.

Terms of reference

BrandWhat we stand for, are comitted to, and want people to remember about us; NOT simply a logo
Brand PromiseOur brand, described in terms that our stakeholders consider important, distinctive and believable
Brand PillarsThe reasons why we can make the brand promise
Brand ConceptVisuals and words that express our brand promise and pillars. With a shelf life of about three to five years it may change as targets/markets change
PositioningHow our stakeholders view Mount Royal as compared with our competitors; by doing brand well, Mount Royal will get the positioning it wants

Guidelines for communicating our brand

Effectively articulating the Mount Royal brand requires delivering a repetitive and consistent message in person, on the phone, in print, online, through marketing and media releases.

The copy tone for the Face to Face concept is:

  • Informal rather than formal
  • Enthusiastic rather than reserved
  • Energetic rather than laid back
  • Student-focused rather than institution-focused
  • Profile- and story-driven rather than corporate
  • Make it personal. Use "you" rather than "students"; "our" rather than "Mount Royal's"
  • Address people by their name and sign off with your own — in person, on the phone or in an e-mail
  • Show rather than tell — use testimonials or examples to prove a point
  • Take pride in the pillars — if there are ways in which your department exemplifies Mount Royal's brand pillars, point it out

The following copy targets prospective students:

You have a face. You have a name. You have a purpose. You have a point. At Mount Royal, we get that. Here, you’ll feel like a person. You’ll feel like you. That’s because you’ll be surrounded by people who want to know who you are and what you’re all about. Your hopes. Your dreams. You’ll see it in the classrooms. You’ll feel it when you walk around campus. Mount Royal puts a face on education. Your face.

Download the logo guidelines here.

For guidelines on language use, download the editorial guide through myMRU under the employee resources tab / quick links for employees.

Share your Face to Face stories

The Mount Royal brand. You see it every day. You live it every day. Reading our stories and interacting with one another reminds us all of how we do, indeed, provide a Face to Face experience at Mount Royal. We want to share in your experience and inspiration. Submit your brand stories to facetoface@mtroyal.ca and perhaps your story will be featured. You can also share your stories with your colleagues and friends on our Facebook page.

Questions about our brand?

We want to hear from you. Please send your questions and comments to Marketing manager Dave McLean at dmclean@mtroyal.ca.