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Professional Development

Professional Associations 

Alberta Child Care Association

The Alberta Child Care Association (ACCA) is non-profit, member-based society with a mission to strengthen and advance a unified early learning and child care profession in Alberta.

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Child and Youth Care Association of Alberta

The Child and Youth Care Association of Alberta works to improve professional standards for Child and Youth Care Counsellors by providing support, education and opportunities to enhance skills and abilities; ensuring that children, youth and families receive the highest quality of care.

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Alberta College of Social Workers

Social Workers connected through commitment to professionalism, advocacy and social justice. Together we represent, strengthen and promote the social work profession and fulfill the regulatory requirements of the Health Professions Act.


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Early and Adolescent Brain Development

Brain Development and Physical Literacy 

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Brain Development“Active for Life is the place where parents go to learn about how to make a difference in the health and happiness of their children. Research shows there’s a right way and a right time to develop the fundamental movement and sport skills that benefit kids for their entire lives. Learning these basic movement and sports skills is known as becoming physically literate” (Active for Life, 2014). The following articles have been written by Dr. Dawne Clark sharing information relating early brain development to the development of physical literacy in children: 


The AFWI's aim is to apply emerging research about experienced-based brain and biological development as it relates to early childhood development and children’s mental health, and its lifelong impact on addiction and other negative health outcomes.

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Child and Family Resilience

Start Smart Stay Safe Program

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Preschool Physical Literacy