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Biology, the study of life, contributes broadly to human welfare in areas such as medicine, biotechnology, agriculture, the environment and the food industry.

The biologists in the Department of Biology work together to integrate their individual disciplines into a unified course of study that is focused on meeting students’ needs.

We offer courses in the areas of:
• biology

general education
We also offer courses for students enrolled in nursing, physical education and geology.

Cellular and Molecular Biology Major

For those who want to know what makes biology work, Cellular and Molecular Biology has a focus on the chemical and biological processes that govern cellular life.  A variety of courses provide the hands-on experience that will bring concepts to life.

General Science Major

Chemical and Biological Sciences contributes courses to both the Biological Sciences and Physical Sciences streams of the General Science major.  For advanced studies in chemistry, take a look at a Physical Science specialization of General Science.  This major allows you the flexibility to choose the science courses that meet your specific needs and interests.  Contact the department to find an advisor who can help you pick the biology and chemistry courses that are right for you.

Health Science Major

Interested in how biology and chemistry influence the workings of the human body?  The Health Science major has been designed for you, with courses selected to focus on human form and function for health and disease.

Biology Minor

A biology minor consists of 8 - 10 courses offered by the department.  Up to three of these may be chemistry courses.  A variety of streams allow a student to focus on topics such as physiology, cell biology, or general biology.